Pass the Dutchie

Time for a musical interlude. A few fun songs. The first is from a one-hit wonder Jamaican band Musical Youth.

When I first heard the song long years ago, I mistakenly thought that “pass the dutchie” meant pass the bong. Only recently I learned that dutchie refers to a “dutch pot” and the stew-like dish made in it. It’s food that is being passed. Hence the words, “How does it feel when you have no food.”

The next song is La Dicha Mia by the Cuban-American singer Celia Cruz (1925 – 2003.)

I love the lyrics. Here’s some of it:

Lucky me, to be born in Havana
And there, I became a singer of songs
They led me to the great Mamboleros
In all of Cuba, the toast of the town
Singing at the Tropicana
My fantasies finally came true

Imagine, going to New York
Seeing the great ones, filled my heart and soul

We saw Arsenio with his swinging band
Al Señor Rodríguez, that magical man
I took the subway to El Barrio,
Got hugs and kisses from mi gente

Lucky me, I saw Machito
Ay Dios Mío, El Excelente

Listening to Machito, dancing, drinking vino
Machito was for us El Count Basie Latino
Made it up to the Palladium
It didn’t disappoint at all

Had a ball, with Tito Puento
Tito Puento the king of them all

With Tito Puente, we began to dance
El rey Tito Puente, created a trance
When Tito finished playing
How could anything fill the hall

Surprise came Tito Rodríguez
With his conjunto, to top it all
Better two Titos, than only one
Better for dancing, and also for fun …

So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the songs.



Author: Atanu Dey


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