The good news is that Elon Musk bought twitter. The better news is that Musk fired the CEO Parag Agrawal, and the CFO Ned Segal. Best of all, he fired Vijaya Gadde, head of legal policy. She had made the decision to permanently suspend Donald Trump.

Musk sent a message to twitter advertisers. In it, he lays out his reason for taking total control of twitter. Here it is:

[Source for the above: Elon Musk’s tweet.] I hope Musk takes out the wokeism garbage that had accumulated in the twitter corporation. I am sure that many leftists are fuming and tweeting that they’d quit twitter. Good riddance of bad rubbish.

Author: Atanu Dey


9 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. I loved Musk’s note about the reasons for taking over twitter.

    One question for you Atanu: He does not want twitter to be a free-for-all-hellscape. What are your thoughts about the same? Would you say the same? If yes, what will be your definition of free-for-all-hellscape.

    Another thought. I like Twitter the way it is (except the way it kicked out Donald Trump). Of course, Musk with his drive, can make it even better in ways I cannot even imagine.
    Atanu, what improvements would YOU like to see in Twitter?


    1. To me the phrase “free for all hellscape” means anyone can say anything at all regardless of the veracity of the claims made on the platform. In some limited sense, twitter is a “public square”. The limitation is that the owner of the platform has the freedom to limit speech that he finds unacceptable. It’s similar to the property rights that property owners have. To guests at my house, I grant a revocable right to speak as they wish; it’s not an unlimited right.

      I find the situation rather simple. People can freely join or exit the platform, and the owner of the platform can set the terms of the engagement. There’s nothing stopping a person from not using twitter if he so desires. Musk doesn’t put a gun to anyone’s head to join twitter but he does have the power to say, “get off my property.”

      About improvements to twitter: I can’t think of any. I am not that smart.


      1. Assume you are the owner of twitter. What conversations will YOU prevent from happening?
        For example, being hypothetical owner of Twitter, I will limit:
        1. Child porn.
        2. Bomb making technical details.
        3. Leaking personal details from dark-web etc.

        I am curious to know your free-speech-limits.


    2. what improvements would YOU like to see in Twitter?

      Check this new protocol that they are trying to build called Bluesky – and the wiki article –

      Successfully building and deploying this protocol is a bit of a moonshot and if they are able to pull it off then it will be a pretty big deal. Elon Musk seems like just the kind of guy who might pursue such moonshots.

      IMO, Twitter’s missed opportunities –

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    3. Musk is talking nonsense about his motivation as to why he brought Twitter. He brought it to avoid public embarrassment from losing in court.


      Details here.

      What’s better than dressing one’e compulsion as a favour done to humanity?


  2. Why are you happy to see Parag go? Technically, Twitter is a great platform, no?
    One needs to use Koo to understand how shitty can a platform be, and how good a platform (technically speaking) Twitter is.


    1. I like twitter. That’s why I am happy that Elon Musk bought it and will take it private. Things will get better with new management. Agrawal and co did a lot of harm to the platform. I hope Musk will purge the company of woke management.


        1. These may have been on Agrawal’s watch or perhaps his predecessor’s watch. They banned any discussion of alternative treatments for Covid-19; any tweets questioning the “science.” They similarly banned the Hunter Biden laptop story. Meaning they carried water for the establishment. Basically they would not allow anyone questioning the official line.

          If Musk does that sort of thing, I will express my opposition.

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