Reagan’s Final Speech

Ronald Reagan was arguably one of the best presidents that the US has had in the modern age. He understood the value of freedom and liberalism. Here’s his last speech as the president of the US.

I found this on twitter. I use to download twitter videos. Right click on a video on twitter, copy the video link, and paste it to twdown. Then “save link as” and you are done.

Greetings from India.

Author: Atanu Dey


8 thoughts on “Reagan’s Final Speech”

  1. Maybe he would welcome the hordes of poor Central and South Americans at the US border yearning to be free but chained by Biden and Kamala Harris?
    Reminded me of this speech by Burton on Sinatra…. not in the same class as Reagan but you decide


  2. What an amazing speech. Reagan was a great orator, great movie star/broadcaster’s voice. Left was universally suggesting and writing news paper articles insinuating that Reagan has gone senile. And now when we have the spectacle of Biden they are quite.


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