Modi’s Jizya

Devout Muslims do feel insulted and murder at the slightest suspicion that perhaps someone may have insulted their prophet. Here’s a very recent — and horrifying — example:

Nothing to see here, folks. Just peaceful people doing what their Religion of Peace commands them to do.

Modi, after becoming the prime minister, has been going around preaching that Islam is a religion of peace. That’s ironic because of all people of various faiths, the followers of Islam would love to do peaceful things to him. Modi does know this, and yet he is forced to lie. And to force Hindus to pay Jizya.

Modi should read the Koran (Quran) and the hadith to fully understand how peaceful. It commands Muslims “to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know.” And Muslims are required to:

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”[1]

But maybe, perhaps Modi has read the Koran and is following it. Modi is forcing Hindus to pay Jizya (jizyah) and feel themselves subdued.

Nice photo you have there, Mr Modi.

The wiki page about jizya says this:

In the Indian Subcontinent the practice was eradicated by the 18th century. It almost vanished during the 20th century with disappearance of Islamic states and spread of religious tolerance. The tax is no longer imposed by nation states in the Islamic world, although there are reported cases of organizations such as the Pakistani Taliban and ISIS attempting to revive the practice.

It needs to be updated to say:

Prime Minister Modi re-introduced jizya in India in the 21st century in an effort to rub the faces of his Hindus followers into the dirt that they live in. Ironically, Modi is from the BJP — a party that is always referred to by the press as “the Hindu Nationalist BJP.”

It’s all karma, neh?


[1] The Quranic verses are from a post Nov 2015 Foreign Policy article by Ayaan Hirsi Ali titled “Islam is a Religion of Violence.”


Author: Atanu Dey


12 thoughts on “Modi’s Jizya”

  1. Mr. Dey,

    I really think you should stop judging Islam based on evil people, but I feel like I’m speaking to a wall!!

    I will pray that you realize that we are not the same because there are good and evil people in every religion and Islam is perfect while we are NOT perfect.

    Please don’t throw your anger on me, because I’m innocent of what others do and of the accusation which you’ll throw on me!

    If you still feel like wanting to fight with me, then forget it, I’m not in a mood for this.

    And also, what exactly did they say that is regarded as blasphemy? If you don’t mind asking.

    By the way, I have a website which I attempt to expose the misguidance and deviancy of terrorists, so you can see for yourself they have absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

    Signed out


    1. Detective Alex:

      You think I should stop judging Islam, and I think you should learn how to read with comprehension and learn how to reason.

      I am not judging people merely for being Muslims. I am judging Islam, the ideology, for what it motivates people to do. Read the Quran and see the hundreds of passages that say kill and terrorize and kill and murder and rape and take as prisoners and enslave etc etc.

      If there are good people who follow Islam and don’t murder people for not following Islam, good for them. But those Muslims who kill non-Muslims for not following Islam are doing so because Islam clearly tells them to.

      All your “Discover the truth face of Islam” bit should make that clear — that Islam is an ideology that preaches hatred towards non-Muslims and many Muslims follow that commandment.


      1. I disagree with you, you wanna see that Islam does not preach hatred?! Please show me the verses and see how I will refute you.

        I’m a devout Sunni Muslim and I disagree with what evil people do in the name of Islam, because what I find it them is despicable man and misleading. I say this so you can see for yourself that as devout Sunni Muslim, I don’t murder innocent people just like khawarij do. Also, you should take an Islamic course and study Islam for you to see the true face of Islam.

        Have you ever heard of “corruption”? I guess nah… But you just want to make misleading and throw false accusations on Islam, but hey. I’m used with the false accusations.


        1. Detective Alex:

          Islam preaches hatred. Sure, Christianity does too. But nothing like Islam. Christians don’t go murdering people if someone burns their holy book but Muslims do. Why do you think the Muslims do that? Because Islam preaches murderous hate towards people.

          You claim that you don’t murder innocent people. Well, you are not following your holy book. BTW, you keep repeating “Sunni” — do you think that Shias are bad people? Would you murder a Shia who says you are wrong?

          And finally, how about you take a course on Hinduism (takes a few years since we Hindus have thousands of books and millions of gods) and see that your Islam is false. Have you heard of the “Greatest Religion on Earth” — aka Hinduism. Well, too bad for you. You are a brainwashed stupid person.


          1. I don’t care what you’re saying, because you brainwashed who does not know the true Islam.

            And yes, i’m Sunni and I don’t think all Shias are bad, because I know there are good Shias and bad Shias.

            And NO, I won’t murder a Shia who disagrees with me. That’s just stupid, to be honest.

            You are just being badmouthing…

            I’m done speaking with you.

            I have a proverb for you

            If you don’t have nothing nice to say, then better don’t say anything at all.

            I wish I can have the power to stop hatred. But I’ll ask the Lord of the Worlds To stop the evil

            Wait a minute, you define hatred towards non-Muslims as murdering them, isn’t it?

            And I don’t want to murder innocent people because I fear the Lord of the Worlds.


            1. But you’re judging Shias and certifying that not all of them deserve murder:
              “I don’t think all Shias are bad”

              You even seem to justify hatred:
              “you define hatred towards non-Muslims as murdering them, isn’t it?”

              I only commented because I found you amusing. Not looking to engage someone with such big blind spots.


            2. You said:

              But you’re judging Shias and certifying that not all of them deserve murder

              What I want to say is that I’m NOT qualified to take someone’s life except only Allah Almighty has the right to take someone’s life away, because He is Al Wahhab and Al Mumit which means The Giver of Life and The Causer of Death.

              And I want to mean that we are NOT the same, and I wish you understand that not all Muslims are bad.

              When will Hindus understand once and for all that we are NOT the same in terms of deeds?

              What Atanu Dey describes is called vigilantism which is totally prohibited in Shariah of Allah.

              I did not wanted to to justify hatred, I just want to see the definition of hatred. Pls understand.


            3. “I’m NOT qualified to take someone’s life” — even if that someone is a Kafir like me who doesn’t feel the slavish need to accept that Arab word for God?


  2. Unfortunately, interpretation is the lifeblood of theology. One man’s meat is another’s poison.
    The Bible is full of sex and violence…. all justified of course by a nice christian god…

    Hindus texts are pure and so are their believers. It is superior to all religions.
    And soon it will spread from India to all countries of the world in millions – even usa
    when kamala H. becomes President – soon we hope.

    In sha’ Allah


  3. I disagree. Jazia is a tax imposed by Islamic ruler as an alternative to killing/converting all non-Muslims. This tax is a sort of compromise because the ruler realizes that he can not fight all the kafirs all the time.

    When father of modern India, the great emancipator of Hindus, fighter of inequality and climate change Aurengzeb faced the same problem, he invited lots of Islamic scholars to debate the question. As Amaratya Sen points out Mughals like Aurangzeb were instrumental in teaching Indians virtues of debate. Of the 4 schools of thought, 3 saw no need to debate at all as they all agreed that concept of Jazia is applicable only to Abrahamic religions and not to the vile pagans. They recommendation to Aurengzeb was that killing off all Hindus is the only noble choice.

    But as history tells us Aurenzeb was very kind soul. His religion taught him peace and not violence so he listened to the 4th school Hanafi and decided to impose taxes instead. It is said that the first option was politically unsustainable for him. He recognized that reality.

    Even under Aurengzeb collection of these taxes remained a violent affair as Hindu society saw this as immoral discrimination to pay taxes to live in their own land.

    Compare this to out Vishvaguru land of 2021 :

    What Hindu society and the Lord of Men have done is not a tax but a humble “offering” as a sign of their surrender and obvious inferiority. Lord of Men is a Hindu, designers of all that discrimination were Hindus, people who implement it are Hindu, people who defend it on public forums are Hindu and it was never demanded by any Muslim. In fact government control of temples and schools is something that Hindus themselves have demanded saying “we are not competent enough to do it on our own”.

    By calling Indian constitution’s discrimination a “jazia” you might be insulting our forefathers who actually showed spine to fight against such taxes in Islamic India.

    You should accuse Lord of Men of a$$ licking instead and it would be very appropriate and truthful.


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