Inflation is what the government does. By printing fiat money, the government imposes a vicious tax on people. Taxation is theft and inflation is the most damaging of theft. Yesterday I paid twice as much for gas as I did just a year and a half ago. In April 2020, I paid $1.69 a gallon (see the image above and note the date stamp; also note it says 1.69 for regular, and 1.89 for premium) and yesterday I paid $3.40 a gallon for regular at the same gas station.

May Biden rot in hell. Let’s go, Brandon.

Author: Atanu Dey


2 thoughts on “Inflation”

  1. There is only one actionable way to stop being stolen from, by keeping your cash balance in bitcoin.

    Money who’s rules are set on stone.
    Money with no rulers.
    Money with limited supply.
    Money which is border-less.
    The money which could (will) unseat gold as the naturally emergent free market money.

    Unlike gold which the cabal took over due to it’s tendency to centralize for ease of clearance, bitcoin by design is immune to such take overs due to it being a pure information network.

    Money = Information. Money = Time.

    A good piece of writing on bitcoin:


  2. When there is widespread inflation this guy wanted to push more than $3 trillion in new spending !!!! What a complete disaster. I think its a proxy presidency – there’s no one home and interest groups are running this administration. Cant wait for Nov 22 when Dems lose both houses a bunch of governorships and we can finally retire this senile person to lame-duck ness and eventually out of power. And the danger he has wrought upon the world by his sheet incompetence in Afghanistan is still to be played out.
    Lets go brandon !!! Lets go Brandon!!


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