Common Sense

Born in England in 1737, Thomas Paine emigrated to the British American colonies in 1774. He anonymously published a pamphlet titled Common Sense in 1776, which inspired the American patriots to declare independence from Great Britain in the same year.

The wiki says, “Virtually every rebel read (or listened to a reading of) his 47-page pamphlet Common Sense, proportionally the all-time best-selling American title, which catalysed the rebellious demand for independence from Great Britain.”

Common Sense opens with the following paragraph.

Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure them general Favor; a long Habit of not thinking a Thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of Custom. But the Tumult soon subsides. Time makes more Converts than Reason.

I am reminded of Common Sense because of two short videos. Both involve Senator John Kennedy (R-LA.) He has common sense. In this video, Sen. Kennedy is questioning a Biden nominee for a seat on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge for yourself if the judge has any common sense at all. What a retard!

I like this American system where nominees to high offices are scrutinized by member of Congress and have to be approved by it. The people, through their political representatives therefore exercise control over who gets to hold important positions. (In India, the judges themselves decide who is to be appointed a judge. The people have no say in the whole business. It’s all top down, dictatorial.)

Judge Sanchez appears to lack common sense. What a weasel. (Webster defines weasel “as a sneaky, untrustworthy, or insincere person.”) I like Sen. Kennedy — and not just because I love the Southern American accent.[1] I wish he was the president of the US. Here’s his take on Biden’s idiotic energy policy.

This country is going to the dogs, dragged down by stupid people who voted for Biden. What happens in the US, unfortunately, does not stay in the US. Quoting Paine again:

The cause of America is, in a great measure, the cause of all mankind. Many circumstances have, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all lovers of mankind are affected, and in the event of which, their affections are interested.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


[1] I think my love of the Southern accent has something to do with the fact that James Buchanan was from Tennessee, and I have spent hours listening to his talks and interviews. Watch Buchanan interview Friedrich Hayek.

Author: Atanu Dey


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