Lockdowns Kill Tens of Millions

The Wuhan ‘flu aka Covid-19 has killed a heap of people but the lockdowns imposed by governments have turned a bad situation into a catastrophe that will eventually kill more innocents than the two world wars combined did in the past century. I am not a fan of government on days that end in a y but the idiocy of shutting down nearly all activities is, to use the proper technical term, batshit crazy even by the extremely retarded standards of governments.

At some time I hope there would be the equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials and the leaders of these countries tried for “Crimes against Humanity.”[2] Those crimes were motivated by the sole purpose of grabbing more power and wealth from the public, regardless of the cost. Mass murderers of the last century — Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, King Leopold, Yahya Khan, et al — cannot hold a candle to those in power today. Look at the numbers —

Internationally, the lockdowns have placed 130 million people on the brink of starvation, 80 million children at risk for diphtheria, measles and polio, and 1.8 million patients at risk of death from tuberculosis. The lockdowns in developed countries have devastated the poor in poor countries. The World Economic Forum estimates that the lockdowns will cause an additional 150 million people to fall into extreme poverty, 125 times as many people as have died from COVID.[1]

Pay attention to that bit — lockdowns in developed countries have devastated the poor in poor countries. A world that gains from economic globalization is vulnerable to viruses from anywhere in the world, and the interdependence makes it impossible for any part to be isolated from effects from outside causes. Like everything else in our world, globalization has benefits and costs.

The facts about covid-19 in under 6 minutes:

If the video is taking time to load, watch it on NewTube. NewTube will allow videos that YouTube won’t. YouTube’s will not allow any content that exposes the establishment (WHO, etc.) YouTube is part of the main stream media and has to repeat what others in the main stream say. The main stream media is an echo chamber.

That’s funny. Be well, do good work and keep in touch.


[1] That’s from a Dec 6th article Facts – Not Fear – Will Stop the Pandemic by Dr Jayant Bhattacharya. Previously I had referred to another article by him A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy from Nov 4th.

[2] I suggest that the trials should be held in Great Barrington, MA. The Great Barrington Declaration was written and signed at the American Institute for Economic Research, located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Lockdowns Kill Tens of Millions”

  1. Thanks for pointing out the absolute insanity of lock-downs. The hit to the poor in India is unimaginable. Because of this idiotic lock downs this coming year there will be probably more than 450k deaths by Tuberculosis in India – more than 3 times total of “pandemic”.

    Also, the whole pandemic situation has exposed how much control the web majors have on the content dissemination. They decide what is “approved speech” and they are all manned by extreme leftists. We the people need to push back.
    BTW, the clip was so funny – all the MSM morons with their makeup on and parroting the same line look so ridiculous… These are the “Believe the science” crowd – For them even science is an item of faith and belief


    1. You ascribe too much power to “leftists”, a discredited, decrepit lot. Or perhaps it is an abuse word with you — anyone whose views you find absurd or repugnant is a “leftist”? Or perhaps this is a way to channel old, atavistic hatred on new and completely disconnected people, such as “communist” China?

      People who have their brains up their asses today may orient their brains (and containers of said brains) in all possible directions: left, right, up, down, inside, outside, upside down, etc. Why not let “left” retain its meaning from the 60s and be forgotten? To be reviled is to stay alive.

      There’s more to the lockdown than fear and kneejerk defensive moves. 2021 will bring new surprises and reveal some of the real reasons. Stay tuned. (Not an option really.)


  2. As a layman, depending on daily news and blogs (like this) for information, I cannot definitively conclude about the cost/benefit of lockdowns. My random thoughts:

    Even after ten months of rigorous analysis and opinions, Britain/Germany are still going for lockdowns. I cannot convince myself that policy-makers there have all gone crazy.
    Are some geographies more susceptible to corona than rest? Indian-subcontinent seems to be more resistant to the disease than Europe and the US.
    Sure about one thing, though. Poor individual/countries cannot afford lockdown. Rich can. So it is good that after the initial lockdown phase, India is not following lockdown strictly (either by design, or state-incompetence)


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