Tom Woods on The Covid Cult

Tom Woods is a brilliant speaker. Engaging, funny and entertaining. Besides, he makes sense. Lockdowns are a bad idea, as I wrote in my previous post, A Most Expensive Hoax.

[Addendum: YouTube has taken down that video. You can watch the video at Tom Wood’s site.]

The Chinese virus has done a whole lot of damage and a lot of people — mostly elderly — have died. But the death toll has to be put into perspective. Here’s a graph of monthly deaths per million population from Jan 1851 to July 2020. Note the 1993 Beijing flu killed a whole lot more than the Wuhan flu (Covid-19). (Click on the image to embiggen.)

Author: Atanu Dey


2 thoughts on “Tom Woods on The Covid Cult”

  1. Chinese virus caused health issues but the Chinese “solution” has caused mayhem and causing untold damage in the democratic world.
    China was able to shake the democratic world in its core not by their massive army and navy, but the democratic world shook itself by following the Chinese “solution”


  2. Quake in fear at the level of intelligence, strategy and organization shown by China. Not a bullet fired, leave alone a bomb, and China has brought the pants of Western economies down to their ankles. Not even worth mentioning sans-culotte India. If this is what China can do during “peacetime”, imagine what they can do when explicitly aggressive.


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