First of May

Equality of Outcome

Today is “May Day,” the first of May. In many European cultures, it’s a traditional spring festival holiday, celebrated since ancient times. For communists and socialist, it’s the “International Workers’ Day” and they too call it “May Day.”

India being a socialist / communist country, 1st of May is “Labour Day” and is a public holiday.

It’s kind of fitting that the communist/socialist celebrate “May Day” because “Mayday” is the international life-threatening distress call for mariners and aviators. It’s derived from the French m’aider (‘help me’). That use originated in 1921. When a population falls victim to socialism, it’s in life-threatening distress and needs urgent assistance to recover from the disease that kills in the scores of millions. I remember the countless victims of collectivism on this day.

And finally, there’s an old favorite love song “First of May” by The Bee Gees. Here, have a listen:

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Author: Atanu Dey


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