Modi Needs You to Transform India

Here we go again. Now that India’s 2019 general elections are just a few months away, Mr Modi wants you to help him “transform India.”

Here’s an opportunity for India’s best brains to work for PM Modi’s campaign in 2019. 

Take a sabbatical from your current job and work with Nation with NaMo till May 2019.

Dedicate your 8 months to transform India in the next 5 years.

“… work with Nation with NaMo …”  Seriously? Couldn’t find a decent copy editor even?

It’s déjà vu all over again, as the great sage Yogi Berra said. 

Dedicate your time to transform India? Been there, done that. I even wrote a book titled “Transforming India“. (The black and yellow of the book cover goes well with the flyer above, does it not?)

In any case, you don’t need “India’s best brains” to transform India. What you need is the will to bring about the needed change. Give Indians economic freedom. Stop increasing taxes to feed a bloated, interfering bureaucracy. Free the education system from government control. Reform labor laws. Stop caste and religion-based discrimination among citizens. Get the government out of business.

Shri Modi did talk the good talk but unfortunately did not walk that talk. Going by what he did in the past four years, it is unlikely that he’d do anything much in the next five years either. I am afraid that it will just be more of the three-Ts: “Talk, travel and tamasha“.

[Hat tip: Akshar for the “Modi needs you” flyer.]

Author: Atanu Dey


9 thoughts on “Modi Needs You to Transform India”

  1. I think it would be great if Modi could find few people who worked with him in 2014 elections and give their testimonials as to how their faith in Mr. Modi was proved right. You know, sort of how businesses give testimonials from their past customers to entice new customers.


    1. Businesses are smart enough to never publicize the poor reviews they get from their customers. Modi will never risk asking anyone who supported him in the past if they got their money’s worth.


  2. Dr Dey – It is a true reflection of Kalyug that Modi-jis’ halo is black !

    Socialists like Nehru looked to the English Fabians when they needed a guiding star; {Nationalist+Socialist} aptly release a desi-fied version of “Uncle Sam” – complete with the pointing finger – when they want to appear as God-like Maha-Gyaanis. Utter rubbish.

    Mr. Modi has proven this old criticism of Hindu Nationalist to be true.

    They are more Nehruvian than they care to admit. They do not mind a Big State – as long as the slogans are Hindu !


  3. Atanu,
    Do you really think Indians are ready to end “caste and religion – based discrimination among citizens?” If you do, I own a bridge that you may be interested in buying.

    For the record, voted Modi in ’14. Will not vote (for anyone) in ’19. As for the difference between the two evils, I am very clear. UPA discriminates against Hindus actively; NDA – ditto, passively.


    1. kavuniyan,

      It does not really matter what kind of discrimination that people engage in. In a free society, people must retain the freedom to discriminate to their hearts’ content. I myself discriminate on the basis of religion, sex, intelligence, etc etc. What I am against is the government discriminating among citizens. That is unacceptable.


      1. Yes, I got that. But reservations that discriminate among people on the basis of caste and religion guarantee education, jobs and even promotions for a large section of the people. Why would the beneficiaries not want that? In fact, almost every jAti would like to be an MBC or SC in today’s India. Downward jAti mobility is upward economic mobility; which also explains why I want to get a community certificate attesting to my lowly birth by bribing the right babu.

        As you are fond of saying, it is all karma. sigh..


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