Anuj Dhar’s talk on Netaji Bose @ Pune, Sep 23, 2017

“Who Killed Bose: Mystery behind Netaji’s Death”.

Public talk by Anuj Dhar. Author and researcher of events connected to Netaji’s life and times. Students, professionals and anyone interested in the history of post-independence India are welcome to the talk.

About Anuj Dhar (wiki): Indian author and former journalist, Dhar has published several books on the death of Subhas Chandra Bose which (according to official and academic views) occurred on 18 August 1945, when a Japanese plane carrying him crashed in Japanese-occupied Taiwan. Dhar claims in his books that there was no air crash and that Bose actually died in the 1980s after living as hermit monk named “Gumnami Baba Bhagwanji” in Faizabad. Dhar is also the founder-trustee of New Delhi-based not for profit organisation Mission Netaji.

The event is free.

Sep 23, 2017, 10 AM to Noon.
Venue: Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies [SIMS]
Range Hills Road, Khadki, Near Military Hospital, Pune – 411020, India

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Post script: I have no interest in the matter. Perhaps NSCB died in 1945 or maybe he did not. I am not familiar with Anuj Dhar’s work. But I am mystified by one thing: why would NSCB do what Dhar claims he did? If he indeed was alive all those decades when Nehru and his spawn ruled India, why did he not oppose their misgovernance? For all the effect he had over those years that Dhar claims NSCB was alive, it basically amounts to the same thing as he having perished in a plane crash. In fact Gamnami Baba Bhagwanji appears to have had the same impact on India as I had over those years — namely zero.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. “Dhar claims in his books that that there was no air crash and that Bose actually died in the 1980s after living as hermit monk named “Gumnami Baba Bhagwanji” in Faizabad.”

    Is this what is called magical thinking? This reminds me of the phrase it is ‘not even wrong’. 


    1. Dhar is a meticulous researcher. Not a pajama brand nationalist. He corroborated every possible paper and artifact out there incl. from other countries. He met former officers of INA and just about everyone known to Bose in India and abroad. The Gumnami Baba conclusion is based on evidence. Sounds too good to be true but there is compelling evidence. Dhar is awaiting DNA results too. Handwriting experts ww establish Bose’s writing. The larger point of this talk is that of hidden history. Facts withheld from public domain. Bogus history being taught since 70 years. All lies. People like Anuj are merely helping get closer to truth and justice. Something most desis are not taught to. Of course there are many other sons and daughters of Soil who died a thankless death. Out bigoted leaders, incl. Modi is also quiet. It helps to have a nation full of morons with a very shallow notion of Justice. As to why Gumnami Baba did not speak up when the nation was being plundered, that is a matter of another research. First thing is Justice and Justice has clearly been denied to Bose. He was definitely not an ordinary mortal.

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