Is it hot enough for you?

Today was hot. It was 102°F in San Jose, CA, my fair city. That beat a 1945 record for the day of 99°F. I kid you not. Here’s a screen capture of the weather here. (For those of you in the civilized world of metric measures, 102°F is around 39°Celcius.)

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  1. Somewhere along the northern part of I-5 today temperature was 114F as displayed by my car’s dashboard.


  2. Wow – that’s a bit too high for San Jose. Hope you are keeping cool!

    Because it is weather related — and in no way am I implying this as the cause for the heat spike yesterday, I was reminded of a comment I made on your blog post from back in November regarding your point #13 – you reject anthropogenic climate change. If you find the time, I would love to read your reasoning. Thank you!


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