The Price of Econ Textbooks

I haven’t read these books that Amazon recommended to me via email today. But I hope that within the pages of these books the authors somewhere explain the economics of textbook publishing and why these books on the principles of economics cost an arm and a leg.
Thankfully in modern times, the principles of economics is accessible to many who can’t afford those prices. It’s all there on the web. And economics, I would argue, is the easiest subject to understand. Besides, it is more important for the general public to understand than many other subjects that are taught in schools. There is a much greater cost to being economically illiterate than to physics illiteracy. This is so because the general public’s economic illiteracy leads to flawed public policies. There are no practical negative consequences to thinking that the world is flat or that the sun goes around the earth. But there are enormous costs to believing that the government can fix economic problems.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “The Price of Econ Textbooks”

  1. The trouble with studying basic economics from the web is that the amount of material is overwhelming and most of it is alloyed with opinions of the author. While the latter is not a problem, the former is. Do you have any sites (or paper books preferably) which you can recommend to a curious layman?


    1. Breeze,

      You are correct that it is not easy to figure out what to read to understand the basic principles of economics. I myself would not know where to begin if I had to start from scratch.

      Perhaps I should create a web-based reading list for basic econ principles suitable for the “curious layman.” To my mind, one of the missing pieces is the curiosity of the layman. I have noticed a singular lack of curiosity among my friends and family. I post those “Ask Me Anything” posts occasionally but I have never been asked a question by them.

      I find it very helpful when people ask questions. Here’s an opportunity for you. To learn anything about any anything, one has to start with a question. What’s your question in the subject area of economics?


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