Constitution for a Free India

I have been arguing for a while that the fountainhead of India’s troubles is the Indian Constitution. Recently I contributed a chapter to the CCS publication “Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future“, and also wrote an opinion piece for LiveMint on the same topic “Why India Needs a New Constitution.” The question naturally arises: replace the constitution with what? Here’s my answer. Continue reading “Constitution for a Free India”

Why India Needs a New Constitution

On Livemint, I have an opinion piece titled “Why India Needs a New Constitution” which is part of a series on the book Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future.

Here it is, for the record:

Why India needs a new Constitution

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Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future

CCS Book Cover
Liberalism in India

The Center for Civil Society convened a day-long conference on Nov 20th at The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, to honor the memory of S V Raju. I attended and had the opportunity to meet with many friends and also some people I had heard about but never met before.

About the event, CCS notes: Continue reading “Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future”

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