Open Thread: The Daylight Saving Time edition

snap1784 The twice a year reminder that daylight saving time (DST) is a prime example of collective idiocy is here. This morning (Sunday Nov 1st), at 2 AM, clocks in North America were set back one hour to 1 AM. Today will be 25 hours long, and to reverse this gain of one hour, March 8th 2016 will be only 23 hours long. Oh the insanity!

This business of moving between regular and daylight saving time imposes huge economic losses. For instance, all Amtrak (a partially US government-funded American passenger railroad service that is operated as a non-for profit corporation) trains had to stop dead on their tracks at 2 AM and wait for an hour to resume service when the clock once again read 2 AM. On the other side, when the clocks in Spring skip an hour forward from 1 AM to 3 AM, all Amtrak trains fall behind schedule by an hour instantaneously — and have to somehow catch up, leading to all kinds of disruptions.

For now, I better go change several clocks — microwave, stove, living room clock, bathroom clock radio, the audio receiver, DVD player, tv, and the car — that need to be set back an hour manually. The mobile phone, laptop and PCs handle the change automatically.

Anyway, c’est la vie. One of these years, perhaps this insanity will end. What’s on your mind?

Author: Atanu Dey


One thought on “Open Thread: The Daylight Saving Time edition”

  1. I am not sure whether it is to comment about this here. But I am doing it any way because I do not know where else I can comment about this.

    I have been following Rajesh Jain’s effort to get a new constitution for India. I fully support that and hope he will succeed soon.
    I just have two point to make
    1)Apart from having a new constitution India should switch to presidential form of government with the elected prime minister having full powers for 5 years, The upper house and the position of president, governors in states to be abolished.
    This will prevent situations like the present government i s facing – not able to implement legislative reforms in spite of having majority in parliament. This still leaves a lot of reform to be done in cleaning up the executive and the judiciary but I am sure that the constitution is the root cause of evil.
    2) I do not understand why vehicle registration (RTO) should be state wise creating artificial borders within one India. Hence the division of work between states and center to be reviewed thoroughly


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