“The Next Billion” – Quartz Event in New Delhi

A few days ago on Oct 14th, Rajesh Jain was at “The Next Billion” event of Quartz India in New Delhi. Rajesh spoke with Bobby Ghosh, editor in chief of Quartz Events. Rajesh spoke about the need for a new constitution for India — the point that Rajesh and I had made in an article in Quartz earlier.

Author: Atanu Dey


10 thoughts on ““The Next Billion” – Quartz Event in New Delhi”

  1. Thank you Atanu for posting this video. Never really heard Rajesh Jain talk though you have referred him often in your posts since 2005. About the time when I too had this serious sulemani keeda in me to change things by taking the concerned head on. I still do, though that certainly did not do any good. I have over 100 such direct ‘attack’ instances to attract the attention of the Govt. at all levels and its not worth it. The institutions do not function in India. There are all the wrong incentives at work. Most importantly assured jobs, notwithstanding the outcome.

    I clearly see that Rajesh is a greatly inspired by you and speaks your language, almost verbatim. It would be so nice if more such leaders learn to listen and internalize the your key message that cannot be explained any simpler, any better.


  2. Hi Atanu – I work in netcore solutions and have seen you couple of times. Saw this video, felt very positive about the approach and passion to transform India by bringing in better constitution. Let me know if I can be of any help in this journey. Look forward to meeting you soon.


    1. Hi Tanishq,

      Good to know that you agree with the basic idea. Everyone who is persuaded by the logic of the attempt to replace the constitution is welcome to help. Thank you.



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