The Difference Between India and Pakistan

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Sure, Indians are better known for being high-powered CEOs in foreign corporations than Pakistanis. Pakistanis tend to specialize more in the “peaceful” pursuits of high-powered terrorism, which is consistent with the fact that Pakistan is built on the peaceful foundation of the Religion of Peace. So naturally Pakistanis spread peace around the world.

As the population of the Religion of Peace grows in any place, it becomes more peaceful. In time, peace finally reigns. Syria is getting more peaceful by the day, to the point that people cannot take any more peace and are fleeing Syria. Heartbreaking stories of people drowning is merely the froth on a deep ocean of peace.

Enough of the Religion of Peace.

Time to once again ponder the question. Indians are obviously not incapable or stupid. So why are so many forced to migrate out of India to become successful? What’s it about India that Indians find it hard to be successful in India?

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Dear Mr. Dey:

    The reasons why Indians are successful outside are as follows:
    * There are fewer Indians outside India for the general environment to get vitiated. Indians, by nature, are selfish, lazy, and individualistic individuals, with poor personal hygiene and an underdeveloped civic sense. To make matters worse, they have the absurd belief that their culture is superior to that of other civilizations, and that the capacity for rote learning amounts to intelligence. That is why Indians in India can be compared to a bunch of scorpions in a glass bowl; the slippery, curved sides of the glass bowl make it next to impossible for the scorpions to climb out, and those that try to do so are stung and pulled down by the others.
    * The West rewards habits such as industriousness and innovativeness, unlike the glass bowl that is India.

    Actually, given that Indians form one of the largest migrant communities in the world, your question should be why so few Indians rise to top positions in the West, in contrast with, for example, Israelis. The answer to this question is the Indian mentality, that mindset that leads the Indian to litter the American street and return heaters to WalMart after winter for a refund. Most of the Indians who have managed to make it out of the glass bowl have not succeeded in ridding themselves of the traits that have ruined their homeland, and they merely transplant their proclivity toward mediocrity, laziness, and subservience to foreign shores. One Sundar Pichai or Indra Nooyi does not a community make.

    Thank you.


  2. Thanks to Reluctantly Indian for making some valid points. Your comment made me think and I agree with your asessment. Indians are “alpa santoshis”, happy at small gains. The Indian diaspora is 30 million strong. We see a handfull of sucesses in the 21st century and go jingoistic. As you said look at the Israelies in the US and around the world.


  3. Dear sir,

    I shall make just two brief point which I think are biggest reason that most of Indians choose to migrate to get successful

    To do business in India, one need to have

    1. Powerful connections – to get all approvals in short span & orders or business comes basis political connections or hiding/appealing on caste/community

    2. Merits are dumped & connections/caste/money is favored

    Its not too different in areas of professional jobs.

    1. Either their are some caste groups who keep promoting their own caste people irrespective merits or performance

    2. Govt jobs – reservation is biggest drag


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