Will UPA Declare Emergency to Stop Modi?

The Italian-born Antonia Maino-led Congress is in deep distress. It appears that the Modi wave tsunami is threatening to smash them to bits and drown the remains. (Previously I had written about the Modi juggernaut.) What are the options open to them? Here is my conjecture.

First is of course if Shri Modi were to meet with an unfortunate accident. Helicopters don’t usually drop out of the sky but in banana republics, aviation accidents are often used to settle political conflicts. Examples: Sanjay Gandhi, YSR Reddy.

Second, some disgruntled jihadis (ok, all jihadis are disgruntled) would plant a bomb at one of the many rallies. A huge boom and that would take care of Maino’s troubles.

Third, Maino makes a deal with Pakistan. For an undisclosed amount and for future concessions if the Italian-Indian Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi were to become the PM, Sharif would start a minor war with India in early April. Then the appointed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would declare “Emergency” and the elections would be postponed. This will give the Italian-Indian Congress some breathing room and allow more time for scenarios 1 and 2 above.

Now you may say that all this is tin-foil hat level crazy conspiracy. I hope it is only my natural paranoia. But what if it isn’t all that crazy a scenario? How does one guard against it?

The way forward is to put this crazy conspiracy in the public domain so that it becomes common knowledge — and thus render the tactic worthless.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “Will UPA Declare Emergency to Stop Modi?”

  1. Third option seems most likely of the three for the following reasons :
    1 less likely because “Accidental” death can trigger a tsunami mob
    (people, army, ex-army…) that might deliver justice like was done to
    Mussolini et al. “CongressMukt Bharat” very literally.

    Option 2
    will need to be done overcoming the IB/RAW etc. and although they’d not
    admit it in public, IB/RAW etc. would leave no stone unturned to thwart
    such events. Eg. Patna blasts – see how quickly the set of
    plotters/planters was apprehended. Possible that IB/RAW cadre are
    already for NaMo, given the antecedents of the dynasty and how the
    agencies have been used as tools/doormats/expendables.

    Option 3
    is extremely attractive for govt. Pak, and China too, would love to have
    a limited war with India, if not for anything else, then to retain a
    weak govt here ! UPA would get a clean slate for a limited amount of
    time and if election dates are conveniently arranged, it can work like a
    month long all out campaign with unlimited and favorable tv coverage to
    the govt. Dream situation for them ! Besides, it would also silence the
    opposition into not criticizing the govt. or risk being called
    unpatriotic. Pak too would like a war to stop its internal unrest, and
    what better preparation to channelise Af-Pak mujahideen onto India just
    when US is moving out of Afgh.
    Option 3 scares the bejesus out of me
    as all of the conspirators – UPA, China, PaK p- stand to benefit from
    it, and any conflict will be seen by people at large as a continuation
    of historical baggage, and hence won’t invite scrutiny. Given congi
    prospects and its apprehensions of what might happen to them *after*
    elections, I’m sure they’d be salivating at such measures.

    agree that people high up need to take these threats seriously and
    devise counter-measures in advance. If not, one deployed it’ll be too
    late to act.



  2. Another possibility is the UPA fin min will empty the treasury. leaving a 25p coin in the chest. In this case the next Govt. can barely pay the bills to their employees. The Govt. goes bust or ends up in massive debts. This I see is a highly likely scenario given the cunning white lungi bastard from Harvard has the keys.

    “So that it becomes common knowledge — and thus render the tactic
    worthless”… Nothing that Congress ever did was hidden. Not atleast in the recent few years. Everyone almost knew the next steps. Every riot that congress party engineered was known much in advance to a lot of people..

    Another possibility is Sonia escapes to America or middle east feigning another illness (or may be London.. the last abode of all the thugs). She will control the congress party with able assistance of British socialists. Who she takes along is a million dollar question. Raul will continue to fight for another 5 years with Mama Maino funding him. The usually sycophants will be seen less often on TV (probably underground, planting bombs here and there). That will be probably the last attempt to save congress party…. “started by an Englishman, ended by an Italian”

    I would love to know the addresses of all the so called kaangress party workers. I wish to give them a magnetic gift that can be inserted up their a**


  3. Modi should travel in helicopters that are fully controlled by him, checked by 5 teams separately, who will be rewarded handsomely if they find anything. He should have a set of 6 helicopters, and only he decides just before he starts, which one he will take. Ex RAW, IB top guns should be hired, and help should be taken from those who are serving now. The others with teams should just follow, and the drill should repeat at every halt. Just like the US President’s security is fully controlled by his men at every stage. These kind of precautions, with bullet proof and bomb proof huge glass cubicle, from which he speaks, along with 6 heavily armored vehicles with remote jammers, all funded by the govt of Gujarat. All venues should be taken over by BJP much ahead in time, cordoned off, photo ID bar code passes issued by BJP to the public who intend to attend, military grade barbed wire fences, metal and bomb detectors, sniffer dogs, everything far better than airport security. I think these will help regarding the first two dangers. About the last one, Modiji should directly talk to media that if a war with Pakistan or China starts, means that it is a conspiracy by congress to declare emergency or get sympathy votes. Meanwhile Modiji should establish a personal rapport with movers in Pakistan and China, and let them know that he is no threat to either of them, and probably has to take their assurances.


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