Open Thread — the Mumbai edition

I arrived in India today early morning. The Jet Airways flight from Brussels to Mumbai was delayed because of congestion at Mumbai airport. Passport control and customs were easy, however. For the next few weeks I will be writing from India. Let me know what’s on your mind.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Open Thread — the Mumbai edition”

  1. I am worried about the AAP. Main-Stream Channels claim that the AAP’s popularity and recruitments are increasing. There are also false claims about India wanting AK as its PM.

    While it is easy to dismiss this as the paid media’s job, what is worrying is the impact the such claims can make on the average voter’s minds.

    In your previous post, you gave a call to help make Mr. Modi the PM in May 2014. How does a common man do it? For my part, I share honest articles on the political parties that are not covered by MSM with friends and family. But the fact remains the MSM continues its bias against the BJP.

    Articles written by the likes of Kuldeep Nayar will be titled on the Congress or the AAP, start with a slightly critical examination of their recent misdeeds, will suddenly switch to the BJP, and end up bashing the BJP and Mr. Modi, declaring him unfit to be the PM of India. A common man reads only such moronic articles.

    I want Mr. Modi to win with an absolute majority. I do not want a coalition government which will be pulled by greedy sharks in all directions. But is he going to get it? Votes from our families will go to him for sure, but will that be enough? I am really worried about the future of this country.

    God Bless India!


    1. Guest:

      I am also concerned about APP. The Congrees/UPA is of course bad. But if Kejriwal and APP have their way, India may make the transition from the frying pan into the fire. I am coming around to the view that Kejriwal may achieve the seemingly impossible: make the despicably dishonest Manmohan Singh look honest by comparison.

      But I am an optimist. Things cannot be that bleak.



  2. The independent NGO Pratham has reported that more than 50% of Indian children in class 5 cannot read at a a level expected in class 2. Similarly for maths.

    Furthermore, the PISA survey across countries rated Indian education as 2nd last out of 74 countries. And, the states selected were among the better ones (HP and TN).

    Since that report in 2011, the Indian govt has opted out of the PISA survey, so now on we won’t even know how bad we are. Shoot the messenger is the common solution among aam aadmis and the govt.

    This makes me very pessimistic. Because it means that atleast 50% of the country is going to be retarded for the forseeable future. What hope can one have in the face of such enormous stupidity?


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