Open Thread: Say what you will

Lots of interesting things happening around the world and in India. Those assembly elections were interesting — if you go for that sort of thing; I don’t. The expected death of that great South African leader Nelson Mandela. An interesting ruling by the Supreme Court of India, etc. It basically goes against the most important principle of human social behavior — don’t poke your nose into things that don’t concern you. You mind your expletive business and I will mind my expletive business. Be that as it may, here’s what I tweeted recently. Take a look at them. And leave a comment if there’s something on your mind that I should know about. Here are the tweets that may be interesting.





That’s it for now. Let me know if there’s something that I should address. I am working on a major project right now. Very exciting and all that. So keep in touch, be good and do good work.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Open Thread: Say what you will”

  1. Hi Atanu, given the glaring AAP-euphoria in some parts of the indian msm, I think there is a need to show to the public at large why their tall promises will lead to economic chaos, among other things. It should be possible to estimate the ecnomic costs and consequences of some items from their manifesto, and although I’m not an economist I can confidently say that a lot of it reminds us of Mohd. Bin Tughlaq. To bring out the numbers is important as AAP seems to have gotten away by generating a euphoria with their goals, without attracting any scrutiny for the methods adopted to attain those goals ( mohalla sabhas for eg.). The media too needs to be shown why the AAP agenda is disruptive in a bad way. The most comprehensive analysis so far is an article by Jagannathan of Firstpost which had general comments. An economic analysis of some points of the AAP agenda is the need of the hour for the media and the public at large, because both seem to have gotten carried away by the well-intentioned promises of AAP.


    1. Hah… You think the followers of AAP and the rest of the public and media will read such an economic analysis if it were to be done? Sir, you are adorably naive about the public and the media. Such economic analyses have been done and have been ignored uncountably many times during the entire history of India since independence. The media can’t even present and/or analyze one economic data point (lets say, inflation) correctly. You have incredibly high hopes.

      What is amusing is that people don’t even see the parallels between Athenian democracy and AAP’s style of supposedly radical, democratic decision making (supposedly, because the Athenian model is actually a primitive model of democracy). And, thereby, are unable to learn from the failures of the Athenian democracy model in history. Oh well. Those who don’t learn from the past are condemned to repeat those mistakes.


  2. Random takes on what keeps India illiterate:

    a list of licenses and documents to open a school in India (read: more opportunities for clerks to get into the way).

    “Recently, 1,372 unrecognized private schools in Haryana were ordered to be closed by the State Government, as they had failed to comply with certain norms and were being run without recognition from the concerned authorities.”

    I am sure it was better than those kids having no education at all.

    The Right to Education is in action.


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