2 thoughts on “Sonia Gandhi is the 4th richest politician in the world”

  1. Rajiv Gandhi’s account has 2.5 million CHF as per Schweitzer Illustrati. That was sometime 20 years ago. Doesn’t this amount officially now belong to his nominees ? or was the nominee Mr. Q who in all likelihood had a role in creating this account? This amount itself is over 15 Crores, 10 times more that what Madam disclosed her assets to EC. Of course these are mere rounding errors of her actual wealth.
    I think we should force these Congi rots to buy apologies from this Swiss magazine too but they wont. Rajiv Gandhi is now shot. Q is also dead. What the heck. Who is the claimant of that money? Indian Govt. can claim this to be theirs ! .


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