Hauled from the Archives: Manmohan Singh Epitomizes Evil

The following excerpt is the tail end of a post from March 2011 — over two years ago. Read it now in the context India’s precipitous economic decline brought about by Manmohan Singh.

What have we come to? We have been diminished as a people. Our society is so impoverished that the old and infirm have to beg for a living. As a society, we are not just poor; we are impoverished — meaning reduced to poverty, deprived of richness, vitality and strength.

How did we get here? We are not evil people; we are not stupid people; periodic natural calamities have not reduced our work to rubble; foreign forces have not robbed us of our wealth; divine curse has not condemned us to hell. So why then all the misery?

I have sought an answer for many years. And here’s my answer. India’s government is the greatest evil force that is destroying India. Manmohan Singh epitomizes that evil since he heads that government. So I believe that unless we wake up and destroy those who seek our destruction, we would be responsible for our demise.

Go read the whole post, “Manmohan Singh Epitomizes Evil.”

Author: Atanu Dey


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