Why a Vote for the AAP is a vote for the Congress

I don’t usually argue with people’s claims about their objectives but once in a while when I see a claim that is absurdly irrational, I cannot but call bullshit. So it was that I (perhaps irrationally) decided to challenge a person’s stated objective. Here’s what @ReclaimBharat’s twitter header says:


I responded. Here is a picture of that twitter exchange.

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The Iron Lady who Fought for Freedom

“Freedom, freedom, freedom . . . Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, A long way from my home,” sang Richie Havens at Woodstock. Lots of people struggle for freedom. What are they seeking freedom from? From other people. We have to remember this: People need to leave other people alone. Do what you will and don’t impose your will on others. That should be the totality of the law.

Below the fold, the text of my recent column at NitiCentral.com, “The Iron Lady who Fought for Freedom.” But first here’s Richie Havens in 2009 singing that song which he sang in the 1969 music festival held on Yasgur’s farm near Woodstock, NY.

After 40 years, the man still retains his voice. Watch him at Woodstock here.

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Another Idiot Pinning Terror on the Poor

Most people realize after a little bit of observing and thinking that terrorism is not a matter of poverty. In most cases, the terrorists themselves proclaim their motives quite loudly which does not ever include poverty. The poor may have legitimate grievances against the others but they don’t resort to the indiscriminate killing of people as a result. Every act of terror is ideologically motivated and in most cases it is an intolerant vicious desert religion which promises terrorists rewards in their afterlife. But there are people who are either afraid or too stupid to acknowledge that; instead they blame poverty — and therefore the poor — for terrorism. That is insanely immoral.
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Hey, Congress, Leave that Pappu Alone

So the big news is that the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) had a meeting which was addressed by the appointed prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh and the son of his Italian madam, the half-Italian Mr. Raul Vinci who goes by the name Rahul Gandhi.

Appointed PM Dr Singh pondering -Pic courtesy The Unreal Times-
Appointed PM Dr Singh pondering

Referring to Raul/Rahul as “Pappu” is becoming popular. The name pappu (pronounced ‘pup-poo’) has a passing resemblance to ‘puppy’ but in many parts of north India, pappu is a term of endearment used for very immature little boys. Continue reading “Hey, Congress, Leave that Pappu Alone”