Hey, Congress, Leave that Pappu Alone

So the big news is that the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) had a meeting which was addressed by the appointed prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh and the son of his Italian madam, the half-Italian Mr. Raul Vinci who goes by the name Rahul Gandhi.

Appointed PM Dr Singh pondering -Pic courtesy The Unreal Times-
Appointed PM Dr Singh pondering

Referring to Raul/Rahul as “Pappu” is becoming popular. The name pappu (pronounced ‘pup-poo’) has a passing resemblance to ‘puppy’ but in many parts of north India, pappu is a term of endearment used for very immature little boys.

Our Pappu does not speak very often in public, a fact that helps generate much excitement among the media when he does. The paid media, generally dishonest, goes gaga over Pappu’s pronouncements but the social media is honest and rips into Pappu with glee. I follow the circus from the sidelines. One class act is @TheUnRealTimes.

I tweeted my approval —

I admire Ashwin Kumar —

Anyway, for a while, #PappuCII was trending on Twitter and not #RahulCII. That speaks volumes about how seriously Raul/Rahul is taken by people at least on social media like twitter. But even on traditional media, the word on him was not good. Here’s a blog post “Rahul Speaks” on The Economist

Attending a business lobby, in the midst of a sharp economic slowdown, when the confidence of Indian and foreign investors is plummeting, he should have come with a plan. Ideally he should have sought to bolster Indian businesses’ confidence, to get them investing, believing in rapid growth around the corner.

A sensible plan for the day would have been to reassure Indian business that promoting rapid economic growth is again a priority. Mr Gandhi could have spelled out two or three specific measures, ideally in some detail, that he would support—for example, getting an Indian-wide goods-and-services tax accepted; promoting investment in retail or other industries; or devising a means by which infrastructure could be built much quicker. If he were really brave, he might have set out thoughts on ending bureaucratic uncertainty over corruption, or on land reform.

Instead Mr Gandhi offered a range of thoughts, some earnest, many well-meaning, some apparently irrelevant and some waffle. He discussed India’s soft power abroad (evidence: yoga is popular in New York; Indian film stars are recognised in Spanish nightclubs), waxed at length on the virtues of Indian “complexity” versus foreigners’ “simplicity” and indirectly admitted that India is a terrible place in which to do business. At one point, to bemusement in the audience, he argued that if you can succeed in business in India then you will flourish anywhere, “even on the moon”. India, after two terms of Congress rule, evidently does not have the conditions right for its economy to flourish.

Rahul Gandhi was of course not speaking extempore. He was reading a prepared speech — no doubt written by someone for him. Which means that not only he is not smart enough to speak without notes, and not only is he incapable of composing a speech himself, he is also not capable of figuring out whether a speech written for him is good or not.

There are many comments to that Economist blog post. Here’s vkbaxi

What is his life experience beyond sitting on Mummy’s laps? It is sheer effrontery for a country the size and potential of India to be contemplating yet another Nehru / Gandhi, sans any education or practical experience, to be thrusted upon as its leader! Congress”men” (if that can be an acceptable description) and Congress party needs to grow up!

Here’s another comment from paisawalla

This guy is a complete joke.

Time and again he cries to get attention and when given the podium, falters pretty badly. Is this a quality of someone who wants to lead a country of 1.2 billion people? I hope, sure not.

Quote ” Indian film stars are recognised in Spanish nightclubs”. Unless Mr. Rahul Gandhi has personally visited these Spanish nightclubs, how does he know first hand about their fondness for Indian films? I am no alien to western culture, but stating something like this is just pure childlike thing to do. Doesn’t increase his stature either.

Why does the Congress party believe in dynasty leadership. This chap, having won the electoral seat from Amethi (stonghold of Congress since time immemorial) cannot justify his claims on the hot seat of prime ministership, let alone being the leader of a huge party.
It’s time Indians stop putting up with all this bullshit and invigorate their minds to take a wise decision in the next elections.

God bless India

A good point made by one RedRum:

Congress party leaders in India are known for trivializing the success of others. Congress bluntly says don’t talk about ‘development’ since we have given you ‘democracy’. When Narendra Modi spoke about development and economic success of Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi mocked him saying “Even Mao got development to china”. Gujarat doesn’t have any different laws when compared to India, but Rahul Gandhi wanted to make others believe that Gujarat is some sort of totalitarian state where there is no democracy or civil rights. Digvijay Singh, Rahul’s tutor has mocked Modi saying ‘Even Hitler spoke about development’. Congress uses ‘democracy’ as an excuse for its failures.

I have never met Pappu (mercifully) but I am guessing he’s not a bad guy; just an empty-headed playboy born in the lap of luxury, who has never had to think for himself nor do an honest day’s work. Those who support him for the prime minister’s post are guaranteeing India further disasters and not doing him any favors either. Who knows perhaps Pappu would rather be left alone to hang out with his boyfriends and girlfriends, and just live a life of gay (in the old meaning of the word) abandon.

Hey, Congress, leave that pup-poo alone.

PS: In case you mistakenly believe that I have some animosity toward Pappu, perish that thought. I have defended him way back in Jan 2010. See my post “In Defense of Village Idiots“. Here’s an excerpt:

If the people of the village, in the best traditions of the hallowed democratic process, elect the village idiot as the King and Supreme Ruler of the village, I cannot for the life of me bring myself to find fault with the village idiot. It’s not the idiot’s fault that nature dealt him or her a lousy hand in the random genetic draw of life. He’s a congenital idiot and makes no demands on being recognized as a paragon of wisdom and insight. Based on that principle, I indicted the American voter for electing — not once but twice — Mr George W Bush. I can see no reason for not applying that principle to India.

Rahul Gandhi, aka Rahul baba, is a decent enough chap. He didn’t choose to be born to the Gandhi family any more than he sat around selecting his genes from the human gene pool. It was a random draw. He cannot be held responsible for the actions of a fairly large segment of the Indian population who would in all likelihood have him as the ruler of India’s destiny in a short few years. India is a democracy, don’t you know, and the will of the people (admittedly a minority in all known cases) prevails.

Go read it all.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Why are you presuming that otherwise Pappu is a decent fellow? The way he kept mum on the misdeeds of Nation’s Son-in-Law, shows that Pappu is not entirely Pappu.


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