Open Thread: Say what you will

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, comrades and friends. (Hitchens favored that greeting at many public events.) Sorry for the relative silence around here. Things are in a mess. But there’s hope. Anyway, do leave a comment with your thoughts. I just want to point out a 2008 blog post, “Blaming the Victim“. Comments are closed on that post. So please leave a comment here if you wish.

Author: Atanu Dey


8 thoughts on “Open Thread: Say what you will”

  1. Uncle: The message you received about your unethical blog post was from me, Jaya’s Kamlani’s daughter. It is fine to post your opinions, but you should use her FULL commentary and let your readers decide based on the real truth. Not half truths. Plus, let her comment back on your wall – instead of deleting her comments. I’m sure your readers with integrity will realize this is a personal attack, not an intellectual discussion. My mother is the fairest and most honest person I know. Truly. She doesn’t deserve slander just because you want to drum up tabloid readership. Be part of the solution.


    1. Auntie, sure your comment is going to be up. Talking of integrity, those who lack it talk loudly about it. Imputing that I or my readers lack integrity is telling. And you have the gall to talk of personal attacks?

      Your opinion of your mother as the “fairest and most honest person” you know says much about the people you know. Mistaking your opinion for a universally verifiable fact is your failing, not mine.

      Slander is a big word. Did you look it up in the big dic? Tabloid, eh?

      Advising others to be “part of the solution” is a regular gambit used by generally worthless people to appear as if they themselves are morally superior. No such luck, auntie. Go suck a lollipop.


    2. While I’m sure you truly believe that your mother is the most honest and fairest person you know,we can’t verify that ‘fact’ since her opinions don’t seem to attest to that.Blaming terrorism on the poor and capitalism flies in the face of numerous real world facts and studies.Ignoring all that and putting forth what you believe arbitrarily and expecting noone to question you is anything but ‘fair’ and ‘honest’.

      Calling her views out as bizzare and untrue isn’t slandering,calling the poor of India agents of terrorism,however,is slander.And,I,as a reader don’t need your stamp of approval for my integrity.


  2. Holy shit! Blaming India’s problems on USA? These people should be sent back to the India of the 60s.

    Oh BTW, I love your posts Mr Dey. Please keep up the good work. We sorely need people like you who aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade.


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