Hello from Mumbai

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Narendabhai Modi
Greetings gentle readers. I am back in India after four months for a short visit. Places to visit, people to meet, meetings to attend and other fun things await. I will be Mumbai mainly but also in Pune, Nashik, Jaipur (to attend a wedding) and perhaps Bangalore.

Narendrabhai Modi was at the Sri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi yesterday. I haven’t heard his address but I briefly saw a bunch of talking heads on TV talking about 2002 riots. Sometimes I wonder about the mentality of these kinds of people — and then I realize that India’s pathetic backwardness cannot be explained otherwise. India’s poverty and the consequence lack of social harmony is directly attributable to the “secularists” and the communists. Their hatred of anyone who may drag 1.2 billion people into something resembling prosperity & progress borders on the pathological. Their days are fortunately numbered and seeing the writing on the wall, they are desperately fighting against the inevitable.

A few people remarked that Modi’s ideas and mine are sort of similar. Chetan Aggarwal ‏@ChetanAggarwal tweeted

@atanudey should have just written elect @narendramodi in his Transforming India. 🙂

I think that’s quite right. How to transform India? Short answer: Vote Modi to power. Utsav Mitra ‏@UtsavMitra tweeted

“Minimum government, maximum governance”, “Government has no business of being in business”… Shri @narendramodi quotes @atanudey 🙂

Well, what can I say except that great minds think alike. But kidding aside, people thinking seriously about India’s development are bound to converge on a similar set of recommendations — just like those who wish to destroy India also see eye to eye on how it is to be accomplished.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Hello from Mumbai”

  1. Have you noticed how, despite all this liberalization, India is still short of critically needed alphabets like “o”, “r” and “a”, or perhaps ink and paper, so we can never complete hon’ble to honorable?


  2. “Minimum government, maximum governance”, “Government has no business of being in business”… Shri @narendramodi quotes

    Thanks for bringing these to my attention. So many articles on the internet focus on what Modi achieved, but not on Modi’s positions.


  3. Atanu sir, I have been following your blog for some time now. Your admiration for Modi is shared by a very large majority of Hindus. In this respect I thought up a formula that explains poverty and the how to banish it. It says: Socialism+secularism=Perpetuation of poverty and Free Market+Hindutva=Prosperity+Banishment of poverty.


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