Renovations and remodeling

maintenance_Image This blog is undergoing some much-needed remodeling and renovating. Thanks to my friend JP, it has a new look and feel. Even as I write this, I am installing DISQUS as the commenting system. During all this, there is likely to be some disruption. For instance, all comments appear to have disappeared. I believe that they will be back once the DISQUS system completes its bits.

Please provide feedback on the changes. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Author: Atanu Dey


10 thoughts on “Renovations and remodeling”

    1. Looks great! And this is the same Rex as before 🙂

      I have one suggestion – you might want to check your RSS feed for problems. Normally I get the full content of your post in the feed, but once a while, it suddenly pops up a link to a post from 2 or 3 years ago.


      1. Thanks, Rex. According to disqus, you have posted 2468 comments all over the web — and that is only on sites that use disqus. So therefore you must have posted even more comments than that. I wonder where you find the time to read stuff and post comments.



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