Renovations and remodeling

maintenance_Image This blog is undergoing some much-needed remodeling and renovating. Thanks to my friend JP, it has a new look and feel. Even as I write this, I am installing DISQUS as the commenting system. During all this, there is likely to be some disruption. For instance, all comments appear to have disappeared. I believe that they will be back once the DISQUS system completes its bits.

Please provide feedback on the changes. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. Thanks for visiting.

10 thoughts on “Renovations and remodeling

    1. Looks great! And this is the same Rex as before 🙂

      I have one suggestion – you might want to check your RSS feed for problems. Normally I get the full content of your post in the feed, but once a while, it suddenly pops up a link to a post from 2 or 3 years ago.


      1. Thanks, Rex. According to disqus, you have posted 2468 comments all over the web — and that is only on sites that use disqus. So therefore you must have posted even more comments than that. I wonder where you find the time to read stuff and post comments.



      2. oh, it’s over a couple of years now! And I prefer commenting on Disqus enabled sites only since I can track my comments and replies.


  1. The comments widget is not working. When you click on a comment, instead of loading the comment, it just takes you to the top of the post.


      1. In ‘Recent Comments’ – if I click on a comment, it takes me to the top of the post for that comment. Using Firefox – let me test this in other browsers.


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