Renovations and remodeling

maintenance_Image This blog is undergoing some much-needed remodeling and renovating. Thanks to my friend JP, it has a new look and feel. Even as I write this, I am installing DISQUS as the commenting system. During all this, there is likely to be some disruption. For instance, all comments appear to have disappeared. I believe that they will be back once the DISQUS system completes its bits.

Please provide feedback on the changes. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. This is a test to see what the new commenting system looks like.


  2. The comments widget is not working. When you click on a comment, instead of loading the comment, it just takes you to the top of the post.


  3. The purpose of these alterations is to create a more challenging
    environment that encourages upward movement for both newcomer and
    veteran summoners.


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