A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves

Act 1: Let me tell you a story about an old man who lived in a small village somewhere that does not matter. It all began when the man’s sons came to him and told him that some people from the neighboring village had stolen a chicken from their farm. The old man told his sons to go after the thieves and recover the chicken.

The sons said, “Father, it’s only one chicken. We have hundreds of chicken. One won’t make a difference.” The old man said, “Do what you please.”

A few days later, the thieves stole a goat. Once again the old man told his sons to not let them get away with it. The sons said that they have dozens of goats and it’s not worth the trouble. The next week it was a horse. Once again the sons rationalized it away saying that they still had six horses that the farm needs.

Finally, the next week the sons came back to report to the old man and said, “Father, our sister has been abducted. What shall we do?” The old man said, “It’s too late. You should have recovered the chicken. Now there’s nothing you can do.”

* * *

Act 2:

I heard this story from an expat from New Zealand who runs a very successful school in Singapore. David told me that in the early years of Lee Kuan Yew’s government, a minister was suspected of having taken a bribe. People said that since the minister was a close associate of LKY, in all likelihood the man would get away with it.

But as it happened, LKY had a brief chat with the minister one afternoon. The next day the minister went out with a bang — he put a bullet in his head.

Singapore is one of the least corrupt nations in the world. LKY’s policy is simple: zero tolerance for corruption. That’s so because he himself is incorruptible and therefore does not tolerate corruption. The wages of public corruption is death. People know it and act accordingly.

* * *

Act 3:

India’s appointed prime minister is Dr Manmohan Singh. Under his watch, the most egregiously blatant instances of public corruption have taken place. His ministers and other office holders have been involved in acts of public malfeasance that are stunningly incredible — but for at least a significant segment of Indian voters, it is quite alright. They appear to take it as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The rulers are going about the rape of the land and the people just lay back and supinely accept it.

We are talking figuratively about rape but Dr Singh’s misgovernance has descended into literal rape. Not just rape, gang rape. Not just gang rape, it has finally hit (one hopes) the rock bottom into murderous gang rape.

The 23-year old woman who was gang raped in a New Delhi bus died in a hospital in Singapore.

* * *

Act 4:

They first stole a chicken.

The Congress government under Jawaharlal Nehru was involved in corruption. The news papers reported it. Nehru responded saying that the reporters were being silly since corruption is a global phenomenon and there’s nothing to get all excited about.
Then they stole a goat.

Nehru’s daughter nationalized many sectors of the economy, thus making public office attractive to the most criminally corrupt. The people of India did not disapprove. They in fact voted her back to power.

The stage was set for horse thieves.

* * *

Act 5:

Some people started waking up to the reality. They realized that somehow the system was not working. They heard the call from a chosen few and gathered to register their protest. The government followed the time-worn strategy of attack being the best form of defense. They sent in their baton-wielding cops and the crowds — leaders too — beat a hasty retreat.

The lesson the appointed prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s government learned was that it does not take a whole lot to put the people in their place — the place of course being that the people in the government are the rulers and the people are serfs.

For around a century, a few hundred million Indians were the serfs of a few thousand British. Now it is different. India is under self-rule.

An Italian, Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi, and her bunch of sycophants led by Digvijaya Singh are ruling about a thousand million Indians.

Well, perhaps it is not all that different. Though Maino’s father was a fascist. That could make the British Raj 2.0 a little more vicious than the British Raj of pre-1947.

* * *

Act 6:

It tickles me no end when I hear talk about India being a free country and a democracy with universal adult franchise. Every adult has the vote and therefore is in some sense responsible for the kind of government. In my opinion, India is a kakistocracy — government by the most corrupt and the least principled. Indians freely elect these people. And among the elected are criminals who have been charged (and many convicted) of rape and murder.

The guys who gang raped the unfortunate woman on the bus in New Delhi a few days ago share at least some of the characteristics of the law makers of India: their criminality. A significant numbers of Indians vote for these kinds of criminals.

* * *

Act 7:

I hear that the despicably dishonest appointed prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s government moved to shut down protests in New Delhi by closing down a few metro train stations. Perhaps the people will back down and go home.

If they don’t back down, I suppose the unfathomably dishonest cretin, the appointed prime minister Dr Singh will probably escalate the situation till we see tanks on the streets of New Delhi.

The sister has been abducted.

And if I were a betting man, I would place the bet that the people are not going to do anything about it. Come next elections they will vote for Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi and her henchmen.

* * *

Act 8:

Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi and her gang of vile henchmen are unprincipled criminals. But they are not stupid. Their moves are calculated to push the boundaries and they know precisely what they can get away with. They know precisely how much they can steal and yet be elected. They know precisely how many backs they can break with their police lathi-charge and still the people will not lynch them.

Indians have an amazing capacity for tolerating injustice.

It was an American, born a slave but who understood the dynamics of slavery, who put it best over a century ago. Frederick Douglass (1818 – 1895), the renowned American abolitionist wrote, “Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them . . . The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

The rulers are not unintelligent. They would not be where they are if they were not the most accomplished criminals. They make the laws, don’t you know. They dictate the terms.

They control the press. The press provides the cover for them and they in turn protect those in the press that do their bidding. The Ghoses, the Sardesais, the Dutts — these are not unimportant players in this sordid play. They are complicit in the figurative rape of India and are handsomely rewarded for their prostitution.

* * *

The Final Act

No doubt for a few days the twitterati will be screaming bloody murder. A few thousand will go on candlelight vigils. In a few weeks, another distraction will occupy the talking heads on TV. Cricket will take over the collective psyche. And of course the sordid stories of Bollywood shakers will move the public to other concerns.

Talking of journalists, I am reminded of what the legendary American radio broadcaster Edward R Murrow (1908 – 1965) said. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Yes, India does have a government of wolves because India is a nation of sheep. The tyrants like Dr Singh know well precisely how much oppression the Indian public is willing to endure.

The rape of the land and the people — literally and figuratively — will continue.

Author: Atanu Dey


53 thoughts on “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”

  1. Shock, denial, anger, depression, acceptance. We never seem to progress beyond this point on the curve. I suspect because we are seeing for the firs time in front of our eyes the slow dissolution and disintegration of the unwritten social contract that underlie Indian society for millennia with no new contract to replace it.

    Lee Kwan Yew was against corruption for a very good reason. For a long time Singapore’s sole competitive advantage vis-a-vis rest of Asia was that it was the only place where the rule of law prevailed – not even in Japan. Singapore had nothing else to build on.

    Very interesting post. Absolutely share your concerns. Although you cannot be accused of even a shred of sentimentality in the way you write, the pain you feel comes through. Perhaps even more strongly.



  2. Well written emotional appeal. The unfortunate thing is PM is not nominated/appointed. He is just designated. He thinks he is a statesman because he is designated PM. Congis have become overly greedy. They don’t bother so long as they get the crumbs and the bones


  3. Very Well written. I am sure the country will vote for the current dispensation in the the next election too as there are lot of factors which matter more than just development,corruption, good governance to Indians. Is Indian a nation of sheep’s? I don’t think so, sorry for generalizing but having seen my people from very close quarters whether in India (urban and rural alike) or abroad I can’t help but say we have a penchant for corruption, justifying it, rationalizing it and supporting it. In addition our ingrained attitude of “why bother unless I am affected” and even when one is affected, he/she hardly learns but instead looks for reasons to rationalize it, explanations to accept it & then go about as though nothing happened or nothing can be done, never learning from the past or doing something to change it has lead to this situation. It’s unfortunate to witness to such a downfall


  4. there’s no light at end of the indian tunnel. sonia congress will be voted back to power again. if they are not, the NDTVs and Outlooks of the world will ensure they make a come back by starting a vicious campaign against BJP / Modi. most people will buy it and congress will be back. this is an endless cycle now…

    congress + mullahs + media is a solid and unbreakable combination. it’s a Credit card that has no credit limit.

    only option. emigrate.


  5. You end understandably , on a sad note. But , is there any reason to feel optimistic , or something to do that will give reason to be optimistic ?

    Genuine question , no rhetoric : Is there a way to convince enough people ( no matter how long it will take ) to see that there is an alternative , encourage said alternative to come out fighting , vote for it , and most importantly , not lose faith in that alternative until the Congress is gone for good , come what may ?

    Surely , there has been some thinking done on this line. And if we collect our wits together , we should be able to pull it off. The political right has found a voice in social media that it never had before. Where do we go from here ?

    Any thoughts / pointers are welcome.



  6. India should be “honoured” that the bahu of the nation -an erstwhile waitress- is one of the most powerful politicians of the world.This cunning woman carefully planned her future by marrying the prime minister`s son knowing fully well that India practices Dynastic politics and one day she will be the PM`S wife.As her good luck helped her,first she became the pm`s wife and later on after he was killed, joined poltics and simply by being the dead PM`S wife became a powerful politician.Now we are told that her son-the crown prince-is also dating a foreigner from a south american country;so may be the crown will be passed on to this South American at some future date!!!As you have so nicely pointed out we are a land of sheep fit to be ruled by such foreign wolves!!!


  7. India is a Golden Sparrow, In the past foreigners used to loot. Now we have enough cunning criminals who have become past master in art of corruption, loot and get away with it. Congress will again be in power. WE will forget and forgive our rulers. Modi bashing is a good pastime and , surely, he and his likes are not wanted on the national scene.


  8. Great article that goes right to the heart of the problems afflicting India using the context of the Delhi gang rape and the subsequent politicking. Also, the article clearly identifies who is responsible for brutal events such as this gang rape. The current media discourse is all over the place blaming India’s patriachial society and its misogynist mindset and the culture of gendered violence etc.; but this article is spot on in analysing why similar events (though not as brutal as this one) happen in India quite frequently.

    Tolerating criminals seems to be such a deep rooted aspect of India’s society across rich and poor regions that even a state like Gujarat which is seen as a model of governance has approximately 1/6th (32 MLAs out of an Assembly total of 182 MLAs) of its ruling party law makers having criminal cases against them including rape.



  9. Very rightly diagnosed. After 800 years of subjugation and slavery our mindset is based on borrowed lifestyle of the Arabs, Moguls and the Britishers who ruled and enhanced their ruling skills through barbarian social culture thrust on us. The mindset yet exists in various forms of social backgrounds. The present set of governance is a true replica of the same or our PM should not have been seen as acutely insensitive and sordid in his public appearance on TV on the burning issue.

    We have a leaders galore, murderers, rapists, extortionist, cheats and above all most of them corrupt to the core…..what we lack is a statesman who can try and see our nation through in a positive earnest.


  10. http://againstpolitics.com/2012/03/30/democracy-cant-be-fixed-its-inherently-broken/

    The above link is an interview with the co-author of the book ‘Beyond Democracy’; the book is about the futility of fixing the broken democracies that we live in.

    Atanu has also written along the same lines elsewhere on this blog; but nonetheless this interview makes the point with some interesting narration. Now imagine if a developed nation like the US is being termed as a Broken Democracy then what chance does a country like India ruled by criminals have to reap the supposed benefits of being a Democracy!!


  11. The Indian Govt. & parliamentrains since Independence have only kept gang raping India for int’s resources & money. They have done everything for themselves to the extent of even having immunity from prosecution. These so called netas are self serving and to hell with the citizens. They and the police are not citizen friendly. Both the Police and the netas mindset is of medivial times.

    There should be an Indian spring only then things will change & all the netas should be imprisoned for life.


  12. Mr.Dey well said but you mentioned about only one party i.e. the Congress. Look at the others, BJP,SJP,JDU and the other regional parties. They sponsor the thugs as these thughs are deployed for land grabbing, vote grabbing and people grabbing [If a political party needs a crowd, the thughs organise it]. The police do not touch these thugs with a barge pole as they are politically protected. So What do they do. Join them. Another reason is that majority of the people are after easy money. Where do they get? Politics. Can the people change the entire lot of politicians? Hmm utopian thought? Will the people come out and vote during 2014? In India normally 50-60 percent vote. Debatable.


  13. A Nation of sheep will beget a goveernment of wolves seems to be an cock eyed statement. If like begets like than Sheep should beget sheep and wolf should beget wolves. Secondly a better statement should read ‘A nation of sheep will beget a government of Shepherds’. Thirdly, how do the sheep or the wolves I mean the citizens call themselves innocent they are themselves most corrupt. A shame but that is what you and I are and we want to run away from this fact and blame it on others. India needs a moral and spiritual over haul. We need to love our neighbours as ourselves. That is the only solution to the problem. It’s a challenge if India can improve wothout it. Joseph Singh


  14. Brilliantly put!
    We are not just a nation of sheep, but a bunch of cynics and hypocrites, also easy to purchase.
    As long as we keep voting for that pouch of grog or 500/- note or other allurements, we are condemned to be ruled by rogues and scoundrels


  15. Hi Atanu, while I understand where you’re coming from, this article is an over-simplification of a far more complex problem. Today there is practically no way to appoint or elect an honest government as long as the “sheep” operate within the laws of the land, because the leaders don’t. The rule of law applies to the common man while a different but commonly understood, loose, transaction framework applies to those in power.

    The idiocy in this country is that we pretend to be a democracy and bleat about it, while life in reality is completely and totally governed by this alternate framework that governs everything from how much to bribe the cop who caught you to meet his quota for the month, all the way to the method for operating multi thousand crore scams and the channels for funds transfer upwards to our great leaders and out of the country into Swiss bank accounts. This is the only reality on the ground today.

    To give you an example, my uncle owned a small plot of farm land for decades, which was inherited from our grandfather. All of a sudden we were served notice and dragged to court because a developer with powerful connections produced fake documents showing the land belongs to him. Now we are fighting in court because not only does the developer make a claim to the land but they are demanding rent with interest in arrears for the last several years. Examples like this are not only all too common but are the way of life.

    The judiciary in this country is completely up for sale, people’s rights under the so-called law can never be guaranteed, property and monetary rights are up for sale, how do we expect any sort of business, entity or person who is not crooked to survive here?

    The second part of the problem is the medieval mindset in this country. Take our khap panchayats, our attitude towards women, bride-burning, our close minded ness in the form of “my religion, my language, my caste, my state, nothing else concerns me”, and so on.

    The third and biggest problem is our dear leaders exploiting the above two problems by fostering communal disharmony, vote-bank politics, and pitting every community against each other. Divide and conquer, the Brits did it, our leaders used that as a launch pad.

    I have nothing but pity for those misguided cretins who bray about how we brought this all on our own heads and that we are to blame for choosing our incompetent leaders, because they will never see the truth that the systems in place today never gave the common man one iota of a chance for good and honest governance. It has always been heavily weighted in favour of the criminal leaders and against the well being of the common man.

    Only when a critical mass of people are driven by this realization will we see real change, and that will a very tumultuous time. It happened in despotic regimes like Tunisia, Bahrain, Syria and Egypt, it must happen here if we’re to have a snowball’s hope in hell of improving anything about this nation that is rotten from the deepest core.


  16. Well said, written & fit for circulation. But this is what we are used to & following for centuries.We do not find alternative to live our lifetime without submitting to policy of Ruler of time or Government.Revolt or agitation are suppressed .Do we have alternative even now to present leasers. Others may be more bad.


  17. lets take this somewhere. Atanu should create a FB page only for readers of this blog so say we get 1k ppl first and then those 1k will get others
    to join in on the idea that all members will NOT VOTE CONGRESS.

    he is doing a similar thing on email because he doesn’t want to go to FB so many someone else he trusts can manage that page.


  18. Nice article, but I disagree with the articulation that we are a land of sheeps. We are nothing more than a “Land of Billion plus Selfish Idiots” most of whom are afraid of standing in a que for any damn thing in life. We do not mind bribing the babus at the slightest opportunity to unethically jump the que. Till the 60s at least there was a mention of MERIT in the power corridors, today it is only under the table dealings and CASTE politics. A guy who pays 10 lakhs to become a police sub inspector, is more interested in making 100 times that money in the next 5 years, do you think he has the patience to register the FIR against a rapist politician! Instead of standing next to gutters in our Metro cities and eating vada-pav and bhel puri, it is time we demanded the implementation of police reforms. Beyond all this, it is we who should change for the better and show zero tolerance to mediocrity, mis-behaviour in public places and violation of laws.


  19. well it is a clear picture of mthe pathetic state of pour country.we were better off under the british raj.the freedom we got from the british after all the great sacrifices has gone in vain.

    we do have the fredom today to be corrupt and take law into ones hand.
    the capital city has become the rape capital what else can it be with
    rapists being the law makers.


  20. Why is it OK when Gujarat votes for Modi repeatedly but NOT OK when rest of India votes Sonia and Congress to power? People are not stupid and their wish has to be respected in a democracy. Why is it impossible that India does not yet have proper home grown leadership yet and is lucky to have someone like Sonia and her family to provide unity at the top, clear direction and even hope to the country? Sonia’s success only shows that Indians are modern and international in outlook and select the best available talent. BJP has been thrown out of Delhi and UP etc because it is without principles and without inspiring leadership. As events have proved, many BJP leaders were and are immersed in corruption. Indians do not tolerate fakes. Media is actually biased against the Congress and the stories of high corruption have been played up as they sell, although the courts have not pronounced any one guilty even after so many years.


    1. what we need is a Hitler or parvez Musharraf nay we need many of them one won’t do … we need gas chambers… unless the corrupt and terrorists, rapists etc are hanged in public en mass nothing is going to change… it is a bloody do or die situation… but as i said we are whores.. will tolerate congress goons, bjp, mulayam , l;allu, nitish, patnakl, maya, mamta, sonia, chiddi, kapil, antony, sabke sab CHOR LOOTERE… if the indian courts did their jobs there would be no politicians in india…


  21. Call whatever we like but it does apparently appear to be true, though not literally. People have been converted into sheeps by the leaders, by your permission, may I call them eunuchs and nothing but pests and blood suckers. A Dhritarashtra can only lead the state to a “Mahabharat”, it is as simple as that. Yes the people (sheeps) fought the battle of Mahabharat valiantly till death, yes they were sheeps. If a GOI becomes impotent and spreads red carpets to the closest relative of your noted Dawood, the treacherous most wanted criminal, and if a GOI/State cannot protect its governance and finds an easy way out to kick its state sponsored honurable guest – Taslima Nasreen under duress, yes the people are to be blamed, only if a Dhritarashtra is the ruler. Yes the Indians including helpless me to have very little to say but too much to discharge their responsibility on the streets to send unnerving challenge to the same enuchs, and yes the same sheeps have shown that we can be transformed into wolves if you Dhritarashtra do not behave yourself. They will, I have full faith in these wolves loking apparently sheeps. I think there is still a lot left in this country, all is not over. Yes we a very tolerant society, there is nothing wrong in it. We only gain in perseverence.


    1. i think we are the most corrupt people in the world, greedy, accumulators, hoarders, selfish & multipliers of worms… mahabharat, geeta all stories… tolerance…??? we talk of indian culture…all hollow what culture we have is jut corruptions at all levels…


  22. A brilliant papper, correctly paints the present picture of India.Yes, India is a nation of sheep ruled by wolves.


  23. I think Indians need a new political party of young (30s to 50s), educated people who have skills from diverse backgrounds.

    With the power of the web and mobile, they could easily win elections by starting a “rave party” phenomenon one week before the next election. This would take all the existing parties by surprise.

    This means that educated people from all walks of life have to be brought together by the next election to present themeselves for elections and to prepare them for the formalities which need to be fulfilled.

    The basic quality to choose the representatives are honesty, feerlessness, and capacity to manage. You can expect that many of these people will be killed if they win. Perhaps before.

    Behind these people, we need to place the entire army of their parents (60s and above) who will sit in the background and organize charitably all the events.

    I guess its time to devise a blue print of how to win and then find someone who is ready to do it.


  24. Army rule is no answer.Answer lies in REWRITING THE CONSTITUTION,with a specified and responsible role for the Armed Forces of India.


  25. We are the most corrupt system.Those who work for the system are left behind and only YES man, who are doing nothing in the unit, get 9 point and become GENERAL.Have we forgotten HOUSING SCAM in MUMBAI,where our former chiefs are occupying a property meant for KARGIL heroes.Caste system has ruined us further.Present COAS is letting down his predecessor so that he will get post of a GOVERNOR on retirement.Our ACR system is overloaded in favor of NDA cadets, it is only from NDA cadets we have GENERALS in the Indian Army.There are entry barriers every where.MS Branch does not have a policy manual,through which the courts of law can deliver the judgement to the aggrieved, it is functioning by writing letters,which are highly subjective aimed to bring up hunch men to the helm of affairs. When his army was not adequately equipped/ financed to meet threat from CHINA in 1962, why didn’t then COAS ,GENERAL THAPAR resign,well in time,rather than resigning when CHINESE have reached SELA PASS, to save NEHRU and his CONGRESS PARTY,whom we are forced to accept as our government.


  26. Atanu, you have hit the nail on the head.

    Last ditch effort to save democracy in India can be attempted by ensuring that:
    i. all educated people MUST enroll as voters IMMEDIATELY
    ii. all voters MUST exercise their voting right at all elections
    iii. meet the candidates (at least of major parties and front runners) before the elections and discuss with them their party manifesto and their own commitment to the constituency. If the candidate is not prepared to sign on the agreed minimum deliverables, make prior arrangement to record the conversation
    iv. choose the candidate who is best of the lot and is least arrogant and highly accessible, at least before getting elected
    v. once elected, make it a point to meet him/her every month by appointment. If appointment is denied, or elected rep avoids calls, record these and send a written memorandum to him/her with copies to other party candidates

    Sounds difficult. Yes. But we have to invest this much to retain democracy in India. Politicians are taking advantage of our non-involvement, particularly of the conscientious voters of the constituency.We may have to this for a limited period, so that our subsequent generations will have the fruits of our toil. WE OWE THEM THIS SACRIFICE.


    1. ravi the problem is the majority of voters are the underprivileged for them a 500 now a 1000 red note and a bottle of rum is enough to attend the rallis and vote the corrupt… kiske baaap ka india


  27. Our prime minister and team is very keen only to increase cost of commodities and squeeze the public in whatever the way possible by them..They are not worried about the well being of the people over here..Now I ashamed of being an Indian in this mockery demo”crazy” system……


  28. Very educative and eye opener article but the majority who elects never read these posts. System of promotions based on ACR is the root cause of degradation in the work culture in this country. U may not come to office but keep the family of boss happy ,u are the best employee, I have suffered on this count and hence can say with confidence. Generals of Indian army, top bureaucrates and technocrats all follow the orders of politicians so that they can get higher positions post retirement.


  29. It is the time when the people (the educated people) of this country take power and the governance in their hands. only sitting at home and watching all this mess in government won’t work. very well said by chaitanya that, unless we transform our thoughts into action, it is all useless. It is not impossible to change the system, as history tells us (neither easy too). the only thing which a middle-class Indian lacks is the courage to be the one to start the process of revolution. Everyone wants to be mere a spectator and audience. That’s the problem which should be immediately taken care of!


  30. no point in blaming only the congress. the bjp is no better. the yeddyurappa govt is just one example. the bjp had full six years to extradite ottavio quattrochi, but it did zilch. a senior bjp leader, now mercifully no more, struck a huge deal with the congress and ensured that quattrochi is never extradited to india. had this italian been brought to india and made to squeal then it would have seen the flight of the dynasty to wherever. the bjp and its master, the rss, stabbed the nation in the back by its dark deed.
    also, when the army had arrested jaish-e-mohammed chief maulana masood azhar with great difficulty, the bjp govt released him. jaswant singh personally accompanied this terror masterminded and handed him over safely to his comrades in khandhahar. the least the vajpayee govt could have done was to inject aids virus into this bastard. the bjp govt brought disgrace on the entire nation by these acts. Deshbhakti Andolan, a non-electoral movement based out of Mumbai, is an effort to unite the people on a platform of fierce patriotism, real secularism and a vigorous vision for economic prosperity. this movement will ensure that our chickens, goats, and daughters are safe. Jai Hind !!!


  31. It is easier to write, read & comment but difficult tp make even a dent in this system. If u try u find yourself alone with all corrupt attacking you together & the so called crowd of sheep will b a mute spectators, or even start avoiding you lest they r seen as your supporters. The best of the lot will pat your back, after ensuring no one is watching them. Sheep are better they huddle together when hit. Indians r even worse.Then how long a single person can fight & oppose corrupts with muscle power & money.This is my personal experience seen amongst the most elite & educated crowd of doctors.


  32. True analysis. I just wanted to put some examples from ChhatraPati Shivaji’s life. He did not allow the Anyaay (wrong acts) by others including his subjects. At his very tender age, he punished the culprit who molested a ‘widow’ from the village called “Raanze” in his Kingdom.


  33. YES these are the facts… we are being raped day in and day out,
    not only by MMS, his goons & by every corrupt indian
    politician(small &
    big)… and we have learnt to enjoy the fuck lying down… we are no
    more sheeps but whores… A NATION OF WHORES… that includes the indian
    ARMED FORCES… a cohesive and well equipped force that could bring the
    desired changes… alas! but NO they too enjoy the rape immensely/
    throughly … (HMV). there is absolutely no hope… and the rape will
    continue… but yes i do see a streak of light in the increased attacks
    by the naxals… a creation creation of the LOOT of the country’s
    financial resources by the politicians, depriving the people of the
    basic necessities of life … rich becoming richer and the poor
    poorer… i think a drought, out break of a major natural calamity, the
    poor uneducated unmanageable multiplying population & the suffering
    of the humanity (Sheeps/ Whores), could TRIGGER A BLOODY REVOLUTION…
    it will be a total blood bath… a cleansing of INDIA…

    deepak satam


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