The Religion of Peace — Part 4,746,225

CANDLELIGHT: A Buddhist woman prayed in front of a Buddha sculpture in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Wednesday. Bangladesh’s High Court has asked the government to explain why officials failed to protect minority Buddhists whose homes, temples and businesses were attacked after a picture of a burned Quran was posted on Facebook. (Andrew Biraj/Reuters)

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “The Religion of Peace — Part 4,746,225”

  1. I wonder what is the point of their High Court even making such a inquiry, I mean nobody sane is ever going to take pro-Islam governments seriously on such matters anyway given their utterly dismal track record.


  2. The very fact that you have to keep thumping your chest screaming about being a “religion of peace” in the face of ever increasing violent evidence against this proclamation is overwhelming evidence of its falsehood. Islam can never be at peace with the world, it will be a religion of peace only if everything outside of islam is destroyed.


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