Word: Pat Condell to Rioting Muslims

Pat Condell is a special kind of commentator — the kind that have the cojones to speak truth to evil. Here’s Condell on how sick we’ve all become of the Perpetually Offended Ones. (Video below the fold.)

This is the first video I’ve seen in which Condell does not end with the usual “Peace.” He must be really upset at the retards.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Word: Pat Condell to Rioting Muslims”

  1. Dear sir

    I did a vipassana course and it benefited me so much…here’s a context from one of the discourses by mr.Goenka during the course…

    The function of recieved wisdom should be to lead to the next stage :cinta maya panna, intellectual understanding. Rationally
    one examines what one has heard or read, to see whether it is logical, practical, beneficial ; if so , then one accepts it. This rational
    understanding is also important, but it can be very dangerous if it is regarded as an end in itself. “Someone develops his intellectual
    knowledge, and decides that therefore he is a very wise person. All that he learns serves only to inflate his ego; he is far away from liberation”.

    regards & good wishes


  2. Pat Condell is just telling it like it is, the unvarnished truth which most of us have realised by now, but are prevented in the name of political correctness from speaking out. I wonder how many fatwas this poor chap has, for his head on a platter. “Behead those who insult Islam”‘ indeed.


  3. The horrifying part is people living in countries where free speech exists doesn’t even know what things free speech protects. They seem to think making a video to smear Islam (protected) is the equivalent of threatening to kill Muslims or burn down their houses (not protected). Anyway we all know the who are the ones really issuing the constant death threats, aren’t we?


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