NITI – New Initiatives for Transforming India Launches!!

The Sanskrit word “niti” connotes politics, governance, economics and a whole bunch of other things. As in the case of all abstract nouns, it is hard to precisely translate into other languages. Anyway, today we launch a new initiative for transforming India —!! My use of the double exclamation marks — I am usually very sparing with the use of even single exclamation marks — should tell you that I am really thrilled about it. Go visit and lend your support to a site that promises to neutralize the leftist insanity with classical liberal right value-based sanity. Hey, I am associated with it. How can it not be insanely sane?

Author: Atanu Dey


11 thoughts on “NITI – New Initiatives for Transforming India Launches!!”

  1. Dear Atanu,
    This is an excellent way to counter the corrupt media.however this will be read only by the middle India.However if we really want to change the present scenario, what is needed is to reach the lower India which has a very short sighted do you reach them is going to be the real way is to educate the people who work at your workplace and home.we all need to start talking to this guys and make them understand that their present fate is the fruition of 60 years of the poor governance of this arrogant ruling party.


  2. LOL! there’s SS ravi S or SSS ravi S as you have put it some of your posts on niticentral too. I don’t know what he is there for and ignoring that this is a good idea. Would like to see Sam Harris and Dawkins contribute to such Indian audience – I feel not many know of them.


  3. Atanu,

    Agree with the commentator above – bring in Sam Harris or try to syndicate Hitchens old work or try to reframe such stuff with an Indian perspective. The best way forward is to challenge Indian prostitutionalized media and Rajesh is on the right path.
    Gupta is a big bore though.
    I hope you utilize Nitin and others such as Dhume to write some op-eds. Indian National Interest has become boring and I hope Pai finds good outlet here instead of peddling the tripe that he does lately.

    Thank You and Good Luck!


  4. Wow – good show.

    The site needs to learn and adopt some ideas from the right wing outlets in the US (Fox and Wall Street Journal). I am talking about marketing tactics, not administrative philosophy – because being ‘right wing’ in India is sometimes left of the left wing’s beliefs in the US.

    For a start “Bold and Right” is cute, but it slots you right away. Fox News calls itself “Fair and Balanced” when it is anything but that. You need to figure out something similar to attract new readers, and make everyone (including yourselves!) eventually accept your view as the mainstream.


  5. Continuing from my previous comment, I feel you should brand yourselves as the only “Truly Secular” newspaper in India for “Honest Liberals”.


  6. I cried when I saw this. I think – and I hope I am right – 10 years from now, we will look back and see this as a watershed movement for politics in India, and hopefully for Indian history.

    Congratulations, and best of luck with this endeavor. Please let us know if we can help or be of support in any way, even those of us statesside.


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