Is the UPA Government a Criminal Enterprise?

Whether Congress, and by extension the UPA, is a criminal enterprise could be a matter of detail. But evidently the UPA rewards criminal behavior. Among scores of instances, let’s just talk about a recent one related to Teesta Setalvad. She gained notoriety by becoming, as Sandeep puts it, “both the CEO and Chief Legal Officer of the Gujarat Riots Cottage Industry Inc,” in his blog post “The Wages of Teesta’s Sins“. Her sins include, but are not limited to, perjury in the Supreme Court. Check out the blog “Evidence Against Teesta Setalvad” for details. Now Teesta is being rewarded by the UPA for her tireless efforts at subverting the rule of law, etc. Congress has a history of rewarding criminals as long as it profits the Congress. Here’s a bit of history that the Indian school textbooks will not highlight.

The shining career of Bholanath and Devendra Pandey started off with the hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane in 1978.

Bholanath and Devendra Pandey are two friends who in 1978 hijacked an Indian Airlines plane on a domestic flight. They demanded the release of opposition leader Indira Gandhi (who had been arrested by Indian parliament) and the withdrawal of all the cases against her son Sanjay Gandhi. [Ref.] They carried only toy weapons. After keeping 132 passengers hostage for some hours, they surrendered in the presence of media.

The Indian National Congress party rewarded them with party tickets for 1980 state assembly election. Both won the election and became members of the legislative assembly of Uttar Pradesh. Bhola served as a Congress MLA from 1980 to 1985 while Devendra remained a member of the house for two terms.

Devendra served the party as a general secretary of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee (UPCC) until recently. He is now nurturing the Sultanpur constituency in the hope of a Congress ticket in the next elections.

Bholanath unsuccessfully contested the 1999 Lok Sabha elections from Salempur as a Congress candidate.

The wiki article references the book by Kishin R. Wadhwaney Indian Airports (Shocking Ground Realities). 2005 Diamond Pocket Books. p. 124. Here are jpegs of the relevant pages:

So now Teesta Setalvad attempted and to some extent succeeded in hijacking the legal process of the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat. She is being rewarded. The bunch at the top of the UPA heap are most accurately described as criminals. Criminals rewarding one of their own kind is neither new nor surprising.

What is hard to understand is why the Indian public meekly accepts this sorry state of affairs. Perhaps the explanation is simple: that Indians on average are dishonest people. They are not troubled by dishonesty because they are themselves dishonest. (See my post “The Habit of Being Honest” (Feb 2011) and “The Habit of Being Dishonest” (Nov 2011) for more on this topic.)

Related post: On this matter of hijacking of an Indian Airlines, I had written a post “Hijack a Plane, Get Rewarded by Govt of India” in Dec 2011.

Author: Atanu Dey


11 thoughts on “Is the UPA Government a Criminal Enterprise?”

  1. Indians (read Hindus) are a bunch of ugly (in terms of their thinking), dishonest & inhumane people. And these attributes are reflected in their choice of politicians.


  2. Cant disagree more. Indians indeed are dishonest. esp. the middle and lower middle class. On this account I have alienated many once near and dear ones.


    1. Loknath, do you really mean “Can’t disagree more” or do you mean mean “Can’t agree more”?

      “Can’t agree more” means that one is in full agreement and therefore it is not possible to agree to any greater degree. The “agree more” is not possible and hence “can’t agree more” means what it does.

      It is like when you don’t care for something and say, “couldn’t care less” — meaning your level of caring is at rock bottom and you could not care lesser than that. If one “could care less”, then it means that one cares to some extent and that one could reduce one’s level of caring.


  3. Sorry Atanu,

    My oft repeated mistake while writing. I will correct it from now on.

    Unfortunately I learnt English in Hindi medium in a municipal school where even the maid servants and cart pullers hesitated sending their children to. I recall there were only 2 teachers who knew what they were teaching and that doesnt include English and Social studies.

    This was in some bunghole of a town in Eastern India where my dad was forced to work all his life (he was a privileged Govt. servant with the right to a typeII quarter and a pension) with all his appeals to get transferred being denied until his death. I somehow managed to have a functional literacy with inspiration derived from blessed kindred.


  4. i disagree that all indians are dishonest. if this was so then india as a country would not exist today. but the UPA government , particularly the congress , i must say, are criminals. not only because they support other criminals but they involve themselves in numerous criminal activities. the reason these crimes are never unearthed or even get publicity because they are the GODs of these country. they suppressed the anna hazare movement, they have billions of black money in foreign tax heavens, they have put the indian economy at risk and what not but who dares to stand against them. criminals!i only hope that people see these crimes and punish them appropriately and to the maximum extent possible.


  5. All governments are a necessary evil. It’s only when we let the declaration of “parliamentary supremacy” go unchallenged, do we end with the purest manifestation of evil.


  6. The UPA not only corrupt but also it is bhasmasoor.the leaders are engaged in looting land,money which will lead


  7. Atanu,

    Why the question mark at the end? What you are stating as a question is in fact a very true statement. With the happenings from the last 60 years and the break away CONgress parties (RJD, SP, TMC) what else can be expected from a party that is morally, culturally & intellectually bankrupt. The western powers must have some juicy tidbits that they use to blackmail the CONgress brass and that is why they are impotent.

    Let us look at some illustrious CONgress leaders who were hyped up despite having an IQ in single digits – Nehru, RG, RG (Jr), SG, Mamta, YSR, Chenna Reddy, Anjaiah (CM of AP).

    There are some leaders who do have some level of IQ but they are either killed (Rajesh Pilot & Scindia) or assigned toilet duty (as attested by Jairam Ramesh).

    There are the rules that all Congress party people have to follow:

    1. The Nehru / Khan family is always right. No exceptions.
    2. All ideas for any issue can only come from the Nehru / Khan family. No exceptions.
    3. The Nehru / Khan family can never repeat never make a mistake. No exceptions. The party or a scapegoat will be always make a crucial mistake.
    4. If you do not agree with the above points go to point 1.
    5. Any body who dares to talk against the family will be castigated or the party will distance itself from the comments.
    6. Any dissent will invite the wrath of various tax agencies and intelligence agencies who were responsible for providing the clearances in the first place.

    Look around and assess the cost of the Congress to India. I mean we have wasted lakhs of crores of rupees with very little to show for in all aspects – water management, power management, urban and rural management, education management, healthcare.

    Hence your topic heading should read – The UPA Government is a Criminal Enterprise.


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