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  1. You know, I’ve been thinking. We’re slowly unearthing more and more scams, more crooked politicians involved in more diverse rackets, and trying to pin something on them. We’re trying desperately, grasping at straws, trying to squish the symptom, not the root of the problem.

    Maran and all these other criminals like Raja, Kani etc should be used as witnesses to indict and impeach PM Singh for dereliction of duty, failure to act in a manner becoming of a PM, incompetence, failure to govern a country, for approving these crimes (yes, because he did nothing to stop them as they were happening for years under his nose), and for bringing down India’s standing in the international markets and reversing foreign investor sentiment from positive to negative (just check the Rupee/$ exchange rate over the past 5-6 years). This one PM has done more damage to India’s standing as a potential world power than everyone else preceding him.

    He is not only dishonest but a shameless coward clinging desperately to his “Mr. Clean” image.


  2. Sir now after this Supreme Court judgement, can we call Baba Ramdev agitation, a successful one?


  3. Hi Atannu,

    This video is a must see.

    Vishwa Bandhu Gupta -former Income Tax Commissioner on how Manmohan can droop to any level with anyone and his direct involvement in protecting Harshad Mehta. This was when Manmohan singh was Finance Minister.

    This “interview” also talks about the book by Sucheta Dalal who has clearly blamed it all on Manmohan singh on the Harshad Mehta scam

    The best thing he has to say – “I can trust Sonia probably once a while but never Manmohan”


  4. The Manmohan-Sonia marriage it seems was cleverly advised and engineered by Ahmed Patel. Sonia probably had some regards for Manmohan’s erudition to begin with but Ahmeda Patel knew the man has no moral character and can be made to do anything.. just about anything.

    I think we need to dig little more on Manmohan’s early childhood,his roots,the behaviour in school, family environment and other things.


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