Manmohan Singh Will be Remembered for His Venality reports that “Three official letters — one written by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in 2008, and two by the Kerala government in 2006 and 2008 — suggest the palmolein case against P J Thomas had come to the notice of the Prime Minister.” Manmohan Singh knew what he was doing in appointing PJ Thomas as the CVC. It was a despicably dishonest thing to do and then lied about it. But then he’s a despicably dishonest man. This is not the first time that he has done a despicable thing and then lied about it. Sorry to overuse of the word “despicable” but what else can describe the man adequately?

Did you know that Manmohan Singh had supplied false rent receipts to claim that he is a resident of Assam? That was a lie. Did you know that he says that he initiated India’s economic liberalization in 1991? That was a lie; it was P V Narasimha Rao who forced MMS to liberalize India. Did you know that he said that the national rural employment guarantee scheme was a “gift to India” from the Italian Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi? He lied; the scheme is funded by tax-payers and not by Antonia Maino, regardless of how many billions she has.

When will Indians wake up and boot the stupid thieving lying corrupt retard out? When will the media understand that we need a paradigm shift regarding the most dishonest politician in India? He is a pitiable man. He’s responsible for the “governance deficit“. He prefers to betray the country and not his boss. He has presided over corruption and enabled others to loot from the public.

The man epitomizes the dirtiest, sleaziest, most repulsive and repellent characteristics of money-grubbing politicians that India is becoming infamous for around the world. He will be remembered for two things: for being an appointed prime minister and for his venality.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Hi,

    I have been following your blog for a while and I really like it. I came across your blog through ‘takshashila’ website.

    If I may, I want to suggest a book I just finished reading called INDIA IN THE SHADOWS OF EMPIRE by Mithi Mukherjee to you. Given your own insights into Indian political and economic history, I am absolutely certain you will like it. It gives a vivid and thorough insight into the nature and history of the Congress and the Constitution. It explains the Indian political system in a way no other book has until now. It explains for the first time the real nature and origin of the dynasty in India. It was an absolute eye opener for me.

    Great blog! Keep it up.



  2. I’ve heard at some places about 91 reforms being forced onto India in return for a bailout from IMF and world bank. (which i tend to believe.) Indian neta doing anything for nation sounds quite hard to believe. So what’s the truth?


  3. India Super Duper Power! Submit to our Hindu Colossus, beg our 5 rupee meal middle classes, bow to our super power. Jai Hind!


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