Open Thread: Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m leaving on a jet plane. For friends and family who want to check where my flights are, go to Track Flights, and enter EK as the airline code (Emirates) and flight number 226 to Dubai. This will work only after the flight departs at 15:45 Sunday PST. Later I will take flight EK 500 from Dubai to Mumbai which departs on Monday 10:30 PM Dubai time. That flight arrives in India at 2:30 AM on Tuesday.

Modern technology is amazing.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “Open Thread: Leaving on a Jet Plane”

  1. Atanu,

    What I find amusing (and sometimes irritating) is that FedEx and UPS ship millions of packages every day (7 million, 15 million) and pretty much every package can be tracked every step of the way. Airlines, on the other hand, routinely miss baggage and can’t tell where the baggage is at, even though they are dealing with microscopic quantities compared to FedEx/UPS. And these are large bags, they can’t disappear so easily!

    Maybe something to do with economy of scale ..



  2. My guess is that the customer base for UPS/Fedex is primarily corporate, and such customers keep asking for improvements over a long term.

    Retail customers – unless someone like Steve Jobs comes along once in a while, there is not much incentive for anybody to improve services substantially. Air India and Indian Airlines STILL get customers, even when you are never sure when Poorna Patel (hottie!) will call to divert your flight.



  3. Atanu,

    Welcome to India!

    Thanks for educating your readers well in advance that wikileaks is good for India.

    I cannot wait for the time when the Gs, and a whole lot of scum is cleaned from India because what is suspected becomes known.

    PS: The only anticlimax to this would be if MMS (the dishonest man) acts like the sidekick in a movie who pins the villian close to bomb till it explodes, and thereby gains some audience sympathy.


  4. “I cannot wait for the time when the Gs, and a whole lot of scum is cleaned from India because what is suspected becomes known.”

    Don’t get yourself all positive and excited about India. I remember after the November attacks on the Hotel thinking the people would surely vote out Congress. They did not. So I have learned not to get too excited that politics is going to change in India. What is likely is that Indians will soon forget about these things, and it will be slavery as usual.


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