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Good news. Geert Wilders was found not guilty in The Netherlands. It is a small victory against the forces of censorship and creeping Sharia in Europe, but a victory nonetheless. Free speech has to be protected if we value our freedom. Otherwise we will end up like those Islamic countries where people are strung up for speaking up. India’s situation continues to worsen with regards free speech — especially speech that upsets the “secularists,” who no doubt count the imam Bukhari as one of their own. The imam was in the news recently for protecting secularism in India by having his goons beat up a journalist.

A bit on Wilders first.

The public prosecution department on Friday afternoon stated that Geert Wilders is not guilty of discriminating against Muslims. Earlier on Friday it announced he should also be found not guilty of inciting hatred.

Prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman reached their conclusions after a careful reading of interviews with and articles by the anti-Islam politician and a viewing of his anti-Koran film Fitna.

They said comments about banning the Koran can be discriminatory, but because Wilders wants to pursue a ban on democratic lines, there is no question of incitement to discrimination ‘as laid down in law’.

On the comparison of the Koran with Mein Kampf, the prosecutors said the comparison was ‘crude but that did not make it punishable’.

Dealing earlier on Friday with incitement to hatred, Van Roessel and Velleman said some comments could incite hatred against Muslims if taken out of context, but if the complete text is considered, it can be seen that Wilders is against the growing influence of Islam and not against Muslims per sé. [Source.]

Mr Wilders, may your tribe increase. Perhaps there’s some hope for The Netherlands. But I fear not much hope for India.

That towering intellect, that defender of secularism, that holy man of the jhollawalas — Shahi Imam of the Delhi Jama Masjid, Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari — defended his faith, the Religion of Peace TM, by getting his supporters to peacefully give a public thrashing to a reporter who had the temerity to ask uncomfortable questions. The public stood and watched.

[The imam] lost his cool when a journalist questioned him regarding the Ayodhya verdict during a press conference, following which he was thrashed by supporters of the cleric.

Mohammed Abdul Waheed Chisti, a reporter with a local Urdu daily, raised a question relating to the ownership of the disputed site before the construction of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya.

Chisti asked the Shahi Imam to spell out his stand on the mention of King Dashrath’s name in land records of 1528 before the Babri mosque was constructed.

Initially, Bukhari skirted the question but when the journalist insisted, he was threatened.

“Get him out of this conference, Bukhari shouted while accusing the journalist of working against the interests of the Muslims,” he said.

Bukhari’s supporters then thrashed the journalist in full public glare.

People like him will ‘not be tolerated by Muslims at any cost,’ the Shahi Imam said before leaving the press conference. [Source. HT Yoganand.]

Nice work, dear imam. A small sample of how it will all be when sharia is imposed all across India. Like they do in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is where they have true Freedom of Religion — unlike India where the Religion of Peace has to struggle against the intolerance of the kuffar Hindus.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi police raided a secret Catholic mass in Riyadh last week and arrested a dozen Filipinos and a Catholic priest, charging them with prosyletising, a local daily reported on Wednesday.

The raid took place as some 150 Filipinos were attending the mass in a Riyadh rest house on Friday, the second day of the weekend in Saudi Arabia, Arab News said.
. . .
Saudi Arabia bans the practice of any religion aside from Islam. However, small, low-key prayer services inside expatriate compounds and in Filipino gatherings are tolerated by officials. [Source. HT Ziggy.]

One of the most enduring mysteries to me is the fascination that leftists have for repressive ideologies. Is it because they are control freaks and want to control people? Command and control. That could explain the JNU jhollawala’s love for oppressive ideologies such as Islam and Marxism. The US too has its own JNU jhollawala types. But the US is fortunate to have defenders of freedom who are not shy to tell it like it is.

Here’s Bill Benett, American conservative pundit, politician, and political theorist.

It’s a 11-minute long video, and worth every second of it. You have to watch it if you want to know what is going on and what lies ahead.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Today Burkha hosted a debate on banning of books. It is a terribly nauseating experience to see this woman’s preachiness, not to talk of the hypocrisy – the debate had no trace of either Imam Bukhari’s antics or of Prof. Thomas’ predicament in Kerala.


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