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The web is amazing. It is the largest smorgasbord of stuff for the brain ever imaginable. I have to admit that I spend inordinate amounts of time just learning stuff from surfing the web. It is worth reminding ourselves that the world has changed qualitatively. Used to be that information was a scarce resource. That was then. This is now. Now you have a virtually limitless supply of great information. Now the truly scarce resource is time. Anyway, go take a look at . . .

. . . this interactive map of European history from I spent the last half hour learning all sorts of things about European history through the map. Did you know the USSR death toll in WWII was 23.1 million (13.7% of the total population), of which 12.4 million were civilians (7.4% of the civilian population)? Compare that to the UK which lost only 0.9% of its population to the war.

Click on the image below to go to the European History Interactive Map.

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Author: Atanu Dey


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