Actually, it’s the fault of Hindus

The brutal murder of two boys in Sialkot is actually not the fault of the killers and has nothing to do with Muslims, least of all Islam. The fault, dear momin, lies with the kaffirs. The Hindus are at fault. Confused?

See Sialkot Killing of Two Brothers Video , Frontline With Kamran Shahid 21st August 2010. A few comments for your edification.

Osama Abu Baker Mohammad Omar on August 23, 2010 wrote:

What a shame, look what Pakistani society has come too. it is all because of Islam and the cruel and barbaric teaching of Islam, Islam is a religion of violence and bloodshed, they have done it from Mohammad’s time, just study this stupid religion’s history and you will understand what every is happening in Muslim countries now a days, where every they go rather than convincing people they forced people to follow them and as a result today the entire Muslim world is fucked up. Even they did it to the people closest to Mohammad such as Mohammad’s own grandson. We cannot expect anything good from Pakistani’s, they deserve this. Punjabi’s used to be hindus before they were forced by muslim rulers to become muslim, Hindus are animal and on top they became muslim which made it worst, Pakistan should not exist at the first place. British rulers made and planted Jinah (who was not a muslim himself, he was a Parsi) in Indian Society. Pakistani’s killed their first prime minister, than Punjabi’s thought they were very smart by supporting monster Islamic Jihadies to kill innocent people in Afghanistan and around the world. Now Punjab is paying for it so as the entire Pakistani society. Look at what is happening all around you, Pathan is killing Muhajir in Karachi, Punjabi is killing everyone all over Pakistan. In NWFP they are killing Pathans, in Baluchistan they are killing Balochs and other Shia Minorities. Whatever is happening in Pakistan it is a PAYBACK you do bad YOU GET BAD. Punjab will burn and so all Pakistan. {Emphasis added.}

Zahid H. Bokhari wrote August 22, 2010

They were killed by the Police in civilian dress. The objective was to intimidate the people so that no one dares talk against the Politician who authorized this brutality. Nothing will happen to anyone who killed them. Absolutely nothing!

This can only happen in Punjab. The whole of Punjab are sons and daughters of the Hindu untouchables. They are not human and should never be treated like one. Never! Emphasis added.}

You see there are three types of people. There are the Muslims who are the best of people; then there are kaffirs, the ones that Allah hates and will torture forever in hell; and then there are people who are even worse than kaffirs — the ones who murder Muslims.

Hassan commented on Aug 26th:

As a british born asian of pakistani heritage this is merely indicative of the backward, illiterate and savage mentality of you pakis in pakistan.

You murderous savages have failed to progress and remain a backward and savage nation. You bleat on about islam but you are worse than the ‘kaffir’ you detest so much. God has cursed you with the floods and i sincerely hope to god your disgusting country implodes and you are wiped off the face of the earth.

May Allah swt’s lanat and wrath be visited on you a thousand times as after watching this sickening video you thoroughly deserve your fate. {Emphasis added.}

Labeling someone “worse than kafirs” is the strongest condemnation imaginable. That’s why the way to protect oneself from any criticism is to say that the Hindus did it.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  2. So you are picking up comments from idiots on the internet and posting them as an article?
    I think your blog is fast loosing its lustre – what you once had is no more….


  3. Atanu, perpetrating brutality as part of vigilante justice is indeed a phenomenon located in the north/north-west regions of the Indian subcontinent, not specific to Pakistan. It’s just that if you throw Islam into the mix, it becomes a deadly cocktail because of the pious justification available in the Shariat. Several years ago, five people were lynched in Haryana when it was believed that they were skinning a live cow. There are no videos of the incident, but there is no reason to believe that it was any less stomach-churning than the killing of Sialkot boys. The saving grace is that the police tried to stop the lynch mob, filed cases and rounded up suspects, the trial came to a conclusion a few weeks ago, and several accused were put behind bars for life.

    Before the equal-equal crowd starts claiming victory, there’s one important thing to note: literacy levels are rising in north India also, there’s media and other activism against taking law into hands and doling out brutal ‘justice’ (as long as the activism doesn’t affect the powers that be) and there generally is less patience with such methods. In Pakistan, Islamization is making sure they are ‘progressing’ in the other direction.


  4. I used to wonder whether you read my comments on your blog or not. But because you did that entire blog post in response to my comment, and now I see that you have the patience to read even above kind of comments (included in your current post), I am taking the liberty to believe you definitely must be reading my comments! 😀

    I felt that the author of the last comment himself/herself did not consider “worse than ‘Kafirs’ to be an insult, but was rather showing a mirror to those Muslims who hold ‘Kafirs’ in contempt.

    What is worrying is that the commentators know what happened is bad, but they seem to be in denial of what course their religion and country are taking!


    1. Ketan, I do read all comments posted on my blog. But this blog post is not based on any comment from you. In fact a friend of mine, Rajan Parrikar, sent me a link to the comments which this blog post is about.


  5. Some 200 pakistani readers wrote 41000+ (thats right forty one thousand…approximately 100 stadard A4 pages in 10 font) words in comments against this news post, each one of them criticising and feeling ashamed of what has happened. This alone goes on to prove that we Indians are a far bogus lot vis a vis pakis. We seem to be completely indifferent to similar gory crimes in our home…that happen everyday.


  6. @Atanu

    I think you’ve got a very one-sided opinion from the Pakistani blogosphere. You may want to read this:

    I tend to agree with this blogger. Just because a public lynching incident occurred in Pakistan doesn’t mean that it had to have a religious color. It’s no different than the public lynching of many people in rural India.


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