The Islamization of India

Kerala’s descend into radical Islam is eloquently described by Kanchan Gupta in Sunday’s Pioneer article, “Kerala’s slide into radical Islamism.” Here are a few excerpts:

Kerala’s ‘Arab Pardha’ billboards are a taunting reminder that in ‘secular’ India we must remain mute witness to the communalisation of culture, politics and society by peddlers of Islamism and its offensive agenda that is rooted in the most obnoxious interpretation of what Mohammed preached millennia ago. Even the economy has not been spared: Islamic banking, Islamic investments and Islamic financial instruments have surreptitiously entered this country under the benign gaze of an indulgent UPA Government whose Prime Minister spends sleepless nights agonising over the plight of Islamic terrorists and demands that all Government initiatives must be anchored in his perverse ‘Muslims first’ policy. The Prime Minister’s admirers claim he is a “sensitive person” who is easily moved by the “plight of the helpless”. Had he been moved by the pathetic sight of a Muslim woman, as much an Indian as all of us, forced to wear an ‘Arab Pardha’, his claimed sensitivities would have carried conviction. But such expression of sympathy, if not resolve to combat the insidious gameplan of Islamists inspired by hate-mongers and preachers of intolerance who draw their sustenance from the fruit of the poison tree of Wahaabism that flourishes in the sterile sands of Arabia, would demand a great degree of intellectual integrity and moral courage. The Prime Minister may be an “accidental politician”, but he is a practitioner of politics of cynicism. For that, you neither need intellectual integrity nor moral courage.

Every time there is criticism of the Islamic veil, which comes in various forms of indignity — the hijab, the niqab, the burqa, the chador — whether from within or outside the Muslim community, we hear the frayed argument: It’s a matter of personal choice; it’s an expression of religiosity; it’s culture-specific; it’s a minority community’s right, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. All that and more is balderdash, not least because there is no Quranic injunction that mandates a Muslim woman to wear an ‘Arab Pardha’. Given the nature of the community’s social hierarchy and the grip of the mullahs, rarely does a woman protest, leave alone rebel. Those who do, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somalian activist whose book The Caged Virgin provides a revealing insight into Islamism’s warped religio-political ideology, are hounded and live in perpetual fear of losing their lives. Blasphemy is not tolerated by those who live in a world darker than the darkest burqa, a world in which even Barbie wears the Islamic veil lest her plastic modesty be compromised.

But this is not only about the denial of an individual’s liberty, nor is it about the suppression of human rights in the name of faith. It is about the in-your-face declaration of Islamists that they can have their way without so much as lifting their little finger. It is a laughable sight to watch Malayalees trying to navigate crowded streets in Kochi wearing white Arab gelabayas, the loose kaftan like dress that along with the kafeyah — or ‘Arab rumal’ — has become a symbol of trans-national radical Islam, their ‘Arab Pardha’ clad wives and daughters in tow. But it is not a laughable matter.

Increasingly, we are witnessing a shifting of loyalties from Malabar to Manipur. Faith in India is being transplanted by belief in Arabia. This should alarm those who believe in the Indian nation as a secular entity.

How long before the call for the “Islamic Republic of Kerala” goes out? How long before the infidels of Kerala are ethnically “cleansed” and made refugees in the rest of India like the Kashmiri pundits of today? How long before the Arabization of the states like West Bengal is total like the Arabization of the eastern part of the undivided Bengal state (now the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh)? How long before the infidels of India become a pathetically cringing minority?

Pakistan’s nukes will not destroy India — because there are too many Indians. But the Arabization of India will destroy India, just like it has already destroyed other bits of the Indian subcontinent — like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We the remaining infidels of the Indian subcontinent have a choice. Stand up and fight against the Arabization of India or else prepare to be annihilated like the infidels who lived in what is today Pakistan and Bangladesh. Never imagine that what happened to the Kashmiri pundits will not happen to us. Never imagine that what happened to the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh will not happen to those who so far have managed to survive in India so far.

We can stand up and fight, or we should be reconciled to seeing our women in black tents and our children becoming suicide bombers willing to kill infidels such as ourselves for the greater glory of their bloodthirsty god.

Author: Atanu Dey


14 thoughts on “The Islamization of India”

  1. Good article. Timely and all that.

    However, I fear that it may already be too late. The islamists have realized that time is on their side.

    Only a rash move on their part – like using Pak nukes or prematurely declaring an ‘islamic state’ in present day India – may bring out a strong response.

    Else, the rest of us appear content to go the way of the slow-boiling frog.

    Hinduism and its people have no intrinsic immunity against Islam. The example of Indonesia, which was Hindu once ut fell to Islam without the use of weapons and war, proves that convincingly. Boiling frog indeed.


  2. Jacking up the rate of kaffir procreation is another option. It’s a race to the bottom, but since no one seems to care, …


  3. Do you have any thought as to what can be done to the uprooted Hindus from the already converted Islamistan from India like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    What is the purpose of the power India tries to gain?

    Why India should not be doing something concrete for the Hindus of Bangladesh and Pakistan?

    Do you think India is ruled by Indians?

    About me: I am an (practically) uprooted Hindu from Bangladesh who wants to live in Bengal as a Bengali Hindu with my civilizational heritage and values.


  4. we should educate muslims that their religion was and is a violent and despicable one. For staters Mohammad ahd married a 6 year old ayesha and had raped her when she was just 9. He married his own daughter in law after ordering his son to divorce her. He had an innumerable number of wives and concubines in his haem. The women are half the worth of a man in any material settlement. A raped woman must bring at least 4 male witnesses to prove the allegation in an islamic court. Muslim men can marry 4 wives without any legal hitch in many lands and sadly in India.Finally its a barbaric religion stoning and chopping off hands. Nonmuslims must resort to same tactics to thwart their aggression.The world now realized what India is going thru, that way India had benefitted from set11 attacks on New York.Europeans have begun to feel the heat and made Islam a ballot issue. Europe and US thus will not penalize if hindus want to put up a resistance movement..


  5. Indianness must be quite weak, if it is threatened by some folks wearing hijab. The folks wearing “Arab Pardha” are Indians, I assume, and as such what they do, wear, eat, etc, must be part of the Indianness just as much as those wearing the skirts, jeans, sweat pants, or even sarees. Social change occurs through time. Aryans came to India and brought in their own ways which eventually became Indian ways.


  6. @Munir, Till I read your comment I was having a hope that Hindus will survive. But with people like you who still believe in Aryan theory and equalize Jeans with Arab dressing..well, I lost the hope.Even you did not spare the sarees. I remember below sentences from SitaRam Goel :

    ” In the process, India’s history has become a history of foreign invaders – Aryans, Iranians, Greeks, Parthians, Scythians, Kushans, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and British – rather than a history of the greatest civilization which the world has known, and later on of Hindu heroism which fought and ultimately frustrated all foreign invaders. India itself has become a sub-continent seething with a mass of heterogeneous humanity rather than an ancient and indivisible Hindu homeland. Indian people have become a conglomeration of nationalities, racial groups and religious communities which are finding it difficult to co-exist in peace, rather than a national society which is trying to reform itself and reclaim some of its unfortunate sections alienated from it by successive waves of Islamic, Christian and modern Western imperialism. And Indian culture has become a mechanical mixture of odds and ends, indigenous and imported, rather than a homogeneous whole created by a vast spiritual vision which is finding itself ill at ease with incompatible impositions.”


  7. @ Atanu – Islamic banking and Islamic investment are just banking and finance models that anybody can practice. Its simply banks without interests based on mutual sharing of risks, dont know why even somebody like you is getting frenzy about it. I think you should read about before being scared about it.

    @ surya – history can be lied about, it can be distorted, it can be ignored, but the truth will remain the same as it is. I dont know why is cocubine-rape story is so intersting that everybody quotes it without even checking the details of it. There are 500,000 people whos written history have been maintained who narrates the life of mohammed, you will never see in any of these narrations that there was a rape, but with orientelist writers who simply want to demon a prophet…john adair is the united nations chair on leadership, his book the leadership of muhammed talks about his quailities, that is just one recent book i quote, there are thousands which at least two you shud read before talking abt a person…


    1. Point i. It is not “just banking”. It is the only “Shariah-compliant” banking that does not permit Riba. Interest free banking is ok, but not Islamic banks. They impose Islamic regulations on the financial system and ultimately on all non Muslims as well.
      Point ii. Muhammad has been highly documented and what comes out is horrific even by Islamic standards. To get a still humane (yet bloodthirsty) account we need to follow only the Koran and reject the Hadiths. Pray, read them once. While it starts with tolerance, read to the end, you will know how the book evolved.


  8. @Dear shameless apostles of Islam,

    Islam is not like any other “faith”.

    it turns the nation into a bunch of murderers baying for blood of others.

    It snaps free speech and shackles human capacity

    It makes monsters out of men and chattels out of women.

    It’s inbreeding produces uncurable retards

    It’s indoctrination produces cold blooded murderer(s).

    It’s iron fist impedes economic and cultural progress.

    It’s nations live on borrowed time and oil burrowed under it’s feet.

    Islam is unacceptable. Islam is inhuman.


  9. i totally agree with you but look at the westernisation of our culture our ignorant young people they dont have muscle to protest they will just simply convert as aurangzeb made hindus convert to islam forcibly or islam made iran iraq egypt pakistan kashmir and now kerala to adapt islam

    do you really believe shivaji, rana pratap, brave sikhs will be born again on this motherland?


  10. CounterJihad works..Muslims don’t understand love,peace,coexistence or tolerance. They only understand brute force . so give them
    Look what Sri Lankans are doing to them . just do it here


  11. Since this debate will go the way of most other debates in the comments section of other articles, let me clarify once and for all. But let me state that in today’s day and age, nobody is clean. So we need to choose lesser of 2 evils.

    1. Is RSS relevant? Go see the videos on Islamization of Europe. If these people come to power, your womenfolk will have to wear burqa. People like Mahesh Bhat like to support muslims, but does he even realize that his own daughter Alia Bhat cannot wear bikinis and short skirts if they come to power?

    2. Accepting criticism: Today all you other people go all out criticizng Hindus. Try this tactic in muslim countries and see what will be your fate. Buddha came and criticized Hinduism but he wasn’t killed. Muslims would kill anyone who opposed their ideology and Jesus was crucified. So what does that tell you about our culture???

    3. Besides all muslims declare that they are muslims first and Indians second. All I’m asking of muslims and christians is this. Tomorrow if we have a nuclear war with Pak and middle east or Italy, do you have the patriotism to retaliate against these countries? Now ask me the same question. Tomorrow if we have issues with countries like China/Pak which still have hindu religious places like Kailash/Mansarovar/Shakti peeths, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to decimate the opposition.

    4. If Sharia law is so good and all muslims are equals/brothers, then why are there so many muslim countries(iran,iraq etc)/ethnicities(pashtun,tajik,uzbek etc.)/sects(shia,sunni,ahmadi etc.)? First muslims should prove the effectiveness of Sharia by unifying across current demographies. First try to unify 2 countries like Af/Pak atleast. Then you guys can try to convince us of the same.

    5. Tolerance of other faiths – In India, parsis, jains, buddhists, sikhs have prospered. There have been stray incidents of intolerance. But compare this with Iran which was parsi majority and was made 100% muslim in a few years. Pak side of punjab has few sikhs left. Bangaldesh hindu community has dwindled. Muslims never allow temples/churches in Saudi Arabia. We are saying allow us to build Ram mandir and we will help you build a grand mosque away from the site. Why do muslims have to make a prestige issue for this? Why do you guys have to be adamant about Ayodhya/Kashi/Mathura. Hindu religious places that were demolished by muslims will be re-acquired. Give us these places and build mosques anywhere else. This will help promote unity among Indians. Would you like it if we demolished the kaaba and built a temple over it? Wouldn’t you be angry? Also, we never stopped you from building mosques all over the country.

    6. Caste based discrimination in Hinduism: This is wrong and I admit it. And the current generation has to abolish it. But you also have to realize that Hinduism is the only religion that allowed social changes. Sati system is gone. Purdah system is almost gone. Child maariage and dowry is slowly going away. This was possible only because Hindus are tolerant. Will muslims abandon burqa/first cousin marriages/child marriages/triple talaq/stoning for adultery/death for apostasy/death for gays and many other harsh measures? Think about it before criticizing our social customs.

    7. Muslims post that only 0.00000….1% are violent jihadis and other 99.999999….% are peaceful. Well the problem is that those 0.1% are practicing muslims and are in powerful positions in the community like mullahs and can issue fatwas. The rest of the 99.99% are not practicing Islam faithfully and have no say in the matters of the religion. So what is the rest of the world supposed to do if the 0.1% is able to control the 99.99%??? The 99.99% has no guts to reform the community coz the 0.1% will issue fatwas if they raise their voice.

    8. Muslims post that Krishna has also advocated violence in Mahabharata. Well, do you even know that Krishna tried to negotiate for 5 villages for 5 Pandavas before the war began? If the Pandavas had not fought for their rights, today you would have criticized them as spineless. If they fight, you criticize them as war-mongers. So there is no way to satisfy everyone. Besides, there is a difference between Pandavas ruling over an empire and Muslims ruling over an empire. When Pandavas did rajasuya yagna or ashwamedha yagna, kings who could not oppose them had to pay tribute and pledge allegience as vassal states. They were allowed to rule their state independently. When muslims conquer countries, you have to pay jizya tax for being non-muslim and you have no rights and you cannot govern your own country. Also cruel discrimination happens and large scale conversion occurs to escape this. Most people do not convert coz they like Islam. It is to escape social torture.

    9. This point is about the vedas and other hindu scriptures. There are many people talking about idol worship and polytheism.

    a) First, worshipping the idol while considering it to be god is wrong idolatry. This is opposed by Islam/Christianity and this stand is correct. Worshipping the idol realizing that god exists in all forms and that special presence of god has been established via pran pratishta techniques is the right idolatry. Idol is not god but it is just a vessel/vehicle containing god’s divine essence. In the broader sense, god is everywhere and a spiritual person can find this essense in every being. But laymen like us need a symbol to direct our devotion. So we need idols. But we should never consider the idol as god. We need to acknowledge that god’s special presence has been created in the idol via rituals.

    b) Veda has never explicitly mentioned personalities as supreme and Ved Vyasa also avoids this in his commentary on Vedas, viz Brahmasutras. Everywhere the supremacy of Brahman is given. But Ved Vyasa also wrote the 18 puranas and he has stated that there are 3 divisions in puranas, Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik. Satvik are better than Tamsik. Vishnu puranas propagate Vishnu as supreme personality of godhead and Linga puranas propagate Shiva as supreme personality of godhead. But Vishnu puranas are Satvik and Linga puranas are Tamsik. Hence this debate has been closed centuries ago that Vishnu is the supreme presonality of godhead who is praised in puranas, vedas, upanishads, itihasas. The contradictory statements advocating Shiva supremacy in Linga puranas do not hold and have to be dropped.

    Hindu scriptures are many. It has been written such that only a serious seeker of spirituality will reconcile all apparently contradictory statements. It is not like other religions which has 1 book. Different acharyas have written bhasyas on the brahmasutras. I request laymen NOT to pick up stray verses and advocate their views.


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