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  1. Dr. D
    I see from you blog that you are an ardent admirer of human liberty – and also of Lee Kwan Yew; the strong (some would insist tyrannical) former head honcho of Singapore. This is an apparent contradiction. I have a few Chinese-Singapori friends, who nearly uniformly, dislike the man for his throttling of political liberties – while allowing religious and economic freedom. My questions to you are
    1- Why don’t you ever speak about the muzzling of political opposition in Singapore (not all of which is loony-left)? What would you say to them if you had a chance to address them?
    2- Is it possible for a government to allow complete economic freedom to it’s citizens and take away other freedoms (religious, political etc.)?
    3- If the answer to 2 is Yes, then is such economic freedom really worth it (in economic and also in human terms)? Is such economic freedom durable and self-sustaining?

    Guess I am a free market libertarian like yourself – but have a problem when some suppresses other ideas (no matter how bad they may be)

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.



    1. Dear Arvind S:

      Thanks for the new year wishes.

      As you write, there is an apparent contradiction in that I am in favor of absolute individual freedom (especially freedom of expression) and my deep admiration and respect for Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I really should explain why that contradiction exists one of these days. Thanks for the reminder.



  2. Thanks a lot and Happy New Year to you too Atanu and to everyone who reads this blog!

    I admire Lee Kuan Yew, but that may be because I am sitting in India, where everything is restricted – political, social and economic freedoms unlike Singapore. But, how is Lee Kuan Yew treated across countries (say US and UK) which have more freedoms (p, e and s) when compared to Singapore?


  3. @ Venkat,

    I have lived in both the US and Canada and the feeling about LKY are mixed in this part of the world. To start with – not a lot of people know about Singapore, LKY or to be honest even care a lot. Those that do think of him as a man ahead of his times in terms of economic vision – but a tyrannical nepotist (if such a word exists). In North America generally, people care a great deal about personal freedom and do not subscribe to the kind of restriced politics that LKY represents. Plurality of opinion is liked and celebrated.

    incidentally some chinese friends of mine think that he represents the peculiarly Chinese trait of the benevolent tyrant. Han society has always deferred to authority – in family, community and government. LKY and the chin-coms are living examples of that

    Personally – I think he is better than other Asian tyrants like Suharto, Mahatir – or even our own Nehru-Gandhi’s. However, I would vote against him with my feet – i would not like to live in singapore (a country I have visited)


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