Google Gulp is Here!

I got my own supply of Google Gulp yesterday. It does not come for free though.

Google Gulp and Your Privacy From time to time, in order to improve Google Gulp’s usefulness for our users, Google Gulp will send packets of data related to your usage of this product from a wireless transmitter embedded in the base of your Google Gulp bottle to the GulpPlex™, a heavily guarded, massively parallel server farm whose location is known only to Eric Schmidt, who carries its GPS coordinates on a 64-bit-encrypted smart card locked in a stainless-steel briefcase handcuffed to his right wrist. No personally identifiable information of any kind related to your consumption of Google Gulp or any other current or future Google Foods product will ever be given, sold, bartered, auctioned off, tossed into a late-night poker pot, or otherwise transferred in any way to any untrustworthy third party, ever, we swear.

Author: Atanu Dey


2 thoughts on “Google Gulp is Here!”

  1. Hi Atanu,

    I am confused. May I ask what this stunt is. went to the home pages. just followed that its a great juice and I am familiar with SRI compounds that we used to sell in my previous company (serotonin re-uptake inhibitors act as both anti-depressents , stimulants and memory enhancers)


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