Complete Video of Islamic Terror in Mumbai

I got the following link in a posting on India-gii (hat tip: Iqbal) on the Islamic terror in Mumbai past November. Click on this link at Atlas Shrugs only if you have a strong stomach because the pictures are disturbing. The title of the post — “THIS IS A STRUGGLE BETWEEN ISLAM AND UNBELIEVERS, WE ARE THE PEOPLE GOD HAS CHOSEN TO DEFEND AGAINST THE UNBELIEVERS” — is as stark as the images of the dead bodies of the innocents murdered in accordance with the religious duty of jihad.

The average resident of Mumbai, evidently, could not be bothered by all the carnage. In Mumbai, most of the people did not even vote in the general elections of a few months ago. And those who did vote, decided to elect that party which is likely to not punish the guilty. It is hard to avoid the feeling that in some sense perhaps they do bring such slaughter upon their own heads willingly. But then you read this:

One witness at the railway station: “There was a baby. His mother was still alive next to him. The baby started to cry so the mother picked him up, and was shot dead.”

The CST railway station after jihad (52 killed, 100 injured)

And reading that makes you reconsider and realize that no matter how insanely stupid the unbelievers are, they do not deserve to be killed so ruthlessly.

The untold story of 2008’s terrorist attack on the Indian city of Mumbai. The story is told in the words of its victims and the gunmen. Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Dan Reed, Terror in Mumbai tells the story of what happened when 10 gunmen held one of the world’s busiest cities hostage; killing and wounding hundreds of people while holding India’s crack security forces at bay.

I cannot afford to watch those videos.

4 thoughts on “Complete Video of Islamic Terror in Mumbai

  1. Imagine if this was done in some other country like US, China, Israel or Russia, what would be their reaction? I am sure they would have demanded much more stricter actions from Pakistan. I seriously doubt the purpose of indian defense budgets of billions of dollars if it can not protect common citizens and can not even assure that this kind of incidents will not repeat. But then as mentioned in this article, people get politicians they deserve.

    I show this program on chanel 4. I never understand why none of our police personnel were able to take an aim at the terrorists. When IB was recording all the talks, why did not they inform commandos that all hostages are gunned down; they could have just blasted the building instead of loosing one commando. Dont we value human life? Or only lives of politicians and their families count.


  2. @tarang_72:
    We all saw what the US did after 9/11. What action do you expect from a crippled government and apathetic people? Stay assured, all your tax money is safely deposited into Swiss bank accounts!

    You got it right, only politicians’ and their families’ lives count. Imagine what it would have been if there was some big shot in the dead


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