Unwelcome Competition in Education

An addendum to the previous post on “Education and Corruption.” Here’s a story that I recently heard which illustrates the engineering of scarcity in education and the resultant bribes and low quality. No names are mentioned because the people involved are powerful people in the government.

A very rich businessman who had made his massive fortune in a major city in India wanted to give back something to society by financing a world-class university in the state in which that city is. He submitted a proposal to the state government. There was no response. Months later the chief minister of the state admitted in private to the businessman that the proposal of a good university in the state was unwelcome competition to other politicians of the state who run private engineering and medical colleges.

Remember that these politicians are elected by the same population which eventually suffers the consequences of the government control of education.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. On the other hand, China seems to be taking the opposite direction…. I saw this ted talk recently titled “On the World’s English Mania”… It seems its now a law in China to learn English in school, and it seems they will be the largest English speaking country in the world this year… And judging by the way the Chinese higher education schools are improving, it seems soon we will be loosing out on our competitive advantages.

    Oh, btw, here is the link to the talk if you are interested …


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