Tulika Ladsariya’s paintings on show in Mumbai


18 x 24 inch, mixed media on canvas

Tulika’s current work is inspired by the contrasts and extremes of Mumbai. She examines two severe urban influences – construction and environmental impact – which at once represent the pinnacle and the nadir of human activity.

The grey-blue seas and skies, and the drab expanses of concrete and plaster provide a lyrical backdrop to the human vibrancy of Mumbai. She’s struck by the incessant need for renovation. The city threatens to fall apart at the seams but always stops just short, with everything held together by duct tape. To her, bamboo scaffolding is an allegory of this fragility. The scaffolding creeps up skyscrapers, gingerly holding on. Surely the frail jute strings are not enough and the same invisible glue is at work here.

A majority of her work is mixed media – She uses acrylics for establishing texture and oils for creating detail. She uses stark contrast to create focal lines, which guide the viewer’s eye. Her use of plaster tape tries to ‘hold’ her smaller cityscapes together. Her process uses technology extensively- a digitizer to draft ideas, a Digital SLR, a variety of lenses and a magnifier to play with scale and record inspiration.



National House, Tulloch Road
Apollo Bunder
Mumbai – 400 039


11 June 2009 – 09 July 2009
Gallery hours: 11 am – 7 pm (except Sunday)

Full Disclosure: Tulika has promised me an undisclosed commission on any sale arising from my plugging her work. She is a dear friend but I am a bit of a mercenary when it comes to using my blog for promotion of artists whose paintings are worth a pretty penny.