Draft Arun Shourie?

Gaurav Srivastava wants Shri Arun Shourie to be the BJP’s candidate for prime minister. He believes that the core constituency of BJP — the urban middle-class voters — are not particularly impressed with Shri Advani.

It would be good if Shourie were the PM. The man is smart, courageous, ethical, and has the national interest at heart. Which is more than you can say about Shri Manmohan Singh. I wish India had good political leadership but if wishes were horses . . .

4 thoughts on “Draft Arun Shourie?

  1. mayuresh Thursday January 15, 2009 / 8:12 pm


    Manmohan Singh is indeed smart (did manage to win the trust of Sonia Maino), courageous (doubtful, but I will award it to him for taking the left head-on during the nuclear deal) and has the national interest at heart. But in his case, his good intentions pave a road that leads to hell!

    He is definitely not ethical. He bought MPs for pushing the nuclear deal, has permitted the Rs. 60,000 crore telecom spectrum scam, permitted the NREGS knowing fully well that it will be of no use to the Indian populace, but may win votes for the congress


  2. zigobod Saturday September 5, 2009 / 2:50 pm

    These are the thoughts that cross my mind:

    – A complicated system like governance can only be made better by fixing one thing at a time. (excluding intricate dependencies)

    – A ‘good’ democratic system is not possible without people being ‘good’. This is assuming that electoral system isn’t as rigged as everything else.

    – Deeper implications of choices a voter makes(including not voting) need to sink in.

    – One possible solution is to set an example in one constituency (and publicising it sufficiently) and building up on it aggressively. The ‘building aggressively’ on it part needs a non-trivial planning and like-minded individuals.

    – Once there, one needs to avoid temptation of turning into a messiah. Alternatives (hopefully better than you) should exist and voter should be encouraged to make a fair choice.

    Roughly speaking this is the path things should chart out.

    What remains though is, who will bell the cat ?


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