Look and feel of this site

Due to circumstances out of our control, we had to change our hosting service. While making that transition, I also made the decision to change the look of this blog. But I not clever enough to on my own fix all the little annoying bits that need fixing with such a transition. I get technical support for my blog from my dear friend and colleague Alok and he is really busy at his real job these last couple of weeks. Soon enough he will be relatively free to help me out. So take this opportunity to speak out and tell me what changes you would like to the look and feel of this site.

2 thoughts on “Look and feel of this site

  1. Your blog never needed any cosmetic embellishment. Even if your blog was a notepad text file, I would have remained a faithful reader, just the same. I must add that being a faithful reader is not equivalent to being a faithful supporter of your views. For example, I violently disagree with you on your antipathy towards our prime-minister. Anyways….
    Great to see you back. And I really mean it. Do get back to posting as much as you can. Do not worry about the looks. A lot is happening around. I need to know what you make out of it.


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