Celebrating Four Years of the UPA

Saakshi toasts the achievements of the UPA government [via The Acorn.]

Let’s also raise a toast to the Indian voter for having chosen so wisely. The UPA and what it has achieved cannot be evaluated without reference to the wisdom of a sizable portion of the Indian voters who voted them to power. If it is a bitter harvest, the seeds were deliberately and voluntarily planted.

It’s all karma, neh?

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Four Years of the UPA

  1. Actually the Indian voter , one can say did not overwhelmly elected Congress and rejected BJP.

    As far as I remember , BJP got 128 seats in Loksabha, whereas Congress 144. Not a huge mandate rejecting BJP and electing congress.

    It is the consistent harping by Cong(I) over the 4 years , that made people forget this thin difference.

    It is the “sickular” parties that formed their opportunistics alliance after the polls where they fought against each other ( point to be noted, even during the Karnataka counting day Cong(I) was hinting at a prospective alliance with JD(S) again, even after fightinh tooth and nails against them in election)


  2. Can you please post on Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh’s performance on economic issues for past 4 years? Can you also cover the performance of this duo regarding inflation? With the pan-world food crisis and oil prices, was it possible to do better than what the duo has done? Me, being a complete dumbo regarding economics, will greatly appreciate a post from you on this issue.


  3. Well
    I dont see too much difference in performance between BJP and Congress.
    In fact at present, i find it dispicable that bjp did not support congress with respect to the nuclear deal.
    I am an observer in many groups wrt india and find it annoying that more bjp leaning groups had been bitching about ram setu and protesting sonia gandhi s representing gandhi rather than nuclear deal or education policy.
    I have no sympathy for a religion founded by a murderer pedophile, yet I found it irritating that
    BJP types doing a hissy fit about letting indian nuclear energy to develop and leaving military use out of inspection, and worse sending more money to those who think that the Pedophile should be refered to with Peace Be upon him by burning middle eastern fuel on inter indian trade on over setu.


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