Malaysian repression

Over in Malaysia, Malaysian Hindus (naturally therefore of Indian ancestry) are being repressed systematically. That is pity but no more than the systematic repression of anyone anywhere. I agree with The Acorn that Malaysian Hindus are Malaysians. It is their internal affair. It is their land, their laws, their government and their policies. Others should just butt out.

Author: Atanu Dey


3 thoughts on “Malaysian repression”

  1. This I find quite a bit repulsive to say the least. Tear back the artificial veil of nationalism espoused by The Acorn and what do you get? The same disregard for human rights that Muslim women in Saudi Arabia and Christians in Darfur are subject to. Not unexpected from a government PR rep., but private citizens should clearly know better. At the very least be honest and specific about why action might not be prudent. There isn’t even a mention of possible actions and re-actions much less any maneuvering that could be done. Glad people have their priorities right. Also, shifting rationale from religion to nationality isn’t much of a shift at all. It’s not that we’re not doing anything out of a common religion, it’s that we’re different nationalities at the present time too. Ugh.

    Not doing more against the Burmese Junta was wrong too, but I did hear slightly more honest arguments about it. It’s not about what governments can and can’t do at all, it’s about what can a government do when the people it represents don’t care about what it actively represents and who it deals with. Ask an NGO, and they will say government policy matters.


  2. I agree to some extent.
    I do like it that the malaysian hindus did sue the brits.
    India as a nation can not help.
    The indian goBarment has its head in the dung. them, however indians who feel that the malaysian hindus have a real gripe should “support” them.(i say “support” carefully)
    People of Indian Ancestory who live elsewhere should also protest with the british embassy.
    It is a shaming tactic.
    I’ll try to raise this issue with a few boston indians to see if they will be interested.

    Devangm are you implying that Acorn is a government PR rep?


  3. I said Acorn is acting like a government PR rep. Admitting to repression taking place and then saying “others should just butt out” should be repulsive to anyone caring about human rights (the Amnesty International definition), which should be everyone.


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