“Does the breath have any religion,” asks His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “Is the air we breathe around us Muslim, Christian, or Hindu?”

No, I did not make it up. That is what is reported in a recent rediff article. The questions are so profound that I found myself moved to ask such questions. Mine are modest efforts, naturally, as I am not blessed with the immense holiness of SSRS. I am sure that you can also add to the list I present here.

“Does gravitation have anger? Can suitcases be psychic?”

“What philosophy do tables subscribe to? Where do eagles magnetize metaphysics?”

“When are horses psycho-somatic? Can oceans trust tangos?”

“Are unicorns induction resistors? Do white-boards somnolent?”

“Can creative levitate? Will green furious tightness vaporize magical?”

The mind simply boggles at the inanities that flow from pseudo-intellectual fake piety. The mindless bunch of followers swoon ecstatically when they hear those meaningless sentences, their adoration reaching new heights.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “SSRS Asks”

  1. Calm down atanu. I believe SSRS does not deserve your attention so much. However, in the process you have created one gem of a post. “Where do eagles magnetize metaphysics?” Priceless!!


  2. Listen, this guy has fake written all over him. I live in Canada but I am extremely interested and fond of India and her culture and spirituality and the ancient systems of health like Ayurveda.
    I went to see this guy in Toronto in September of this year and I paid a lot of money to do this. ( $75.00 in Canadian funds which is equal to the US dollar at the moment) My tickets were the cheapest. The most expensive ones were $250.00.
    The show was about two and a half hours long and his “holiness” Sri Sri spoke for only about 15 mins total. He had his assistant and other well meaning followers demonstrated everything on his behalf for free. This is supposed to be a volunteer organization and it sure was. Volunteers had been working apparently for two days straight with no sleep. They were great. They do all of the work for this guy while he talks for 15 mins and answers a few questions from the audience. Where does all of the money go? Who does it go to? It all goes to him. And for what? 15 mins of speaking? A taxi driver and I calculated that he must have made about $100.000 + dollars each day for the two talks he delivered (based on the large number of people who attended) and I don’t need to tell everybody that that is an obscene amount of money for doing nothing but sitting in an easy chair and acting like a God for a few hours.
    I don’t get it. He charges outrageous amounts of money to take his programs. And again the checks are made out to the AoL foundation with the teachers doing the teachings for free. I simply can’t afford to take his introductory course. And this is a course that is only the first step in an astounding number of courses that people are expected to take and all of them cost way, way too much for the average person here in Canada. He is smiling all the way to the bank!
    How much money did the Buddha ask for? How much did Jesus Christ ask for? How much money did Vivekananda ask for? How much did any true healthy holy person ask for in the past to “help” others? This guy is laughing all the way to the bank! And of course all of these holy men get huge donations anyways. So, on top of all of the thousands and thousands of people world wide who are paying top dollar for a simple yoga lesson, there are also many, many thousands of dollars being donated to his cause.
    And so what if the man uses a few dollars to build a little village here or there. What does a few dollars mean to him with all of the money he makes? It just makes him look good in the eyes of the public that’s all. If I have 100,000 bananas and I give 10 or 20 away, is that being generous? Of course not. Its nothing. But if people see me do that to poor people they may think, “What a beautiful fellow he is. Giving so many of those precious bananas away to so many.” What if they new that I recieved thousands more bananas a day in return? Would they still think of me as such a generous man? He’s a scam artist. Is the air I breathe in Muslem or Christian or Buddhist? Wow, what insight! (What a load of crap!)


  3. I get such a delight reading any of your posts about this guy ,SSRS. This was one of the best though! Spent a good time laughing.

    I always read your blog by subscribing to the feed through bloglines. I am not sure exactly when but about a week ago the feeds stopped. And so here I am at your webpage and I see that its all new and elegant.


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