Hell’s Angel

Teresa the Merciless
Teresa the Merciless

My distaste for poverty is only exceeded by my utter contempt for those who nurture that awful monster of poverty that chews up living human beings and spits them out like so much garbage. True evil to me is that impulse that disregards human suffering, and more often than not, that evil force emanates from ideology and dogma. Communism is one such evil; the other horror is organized religious dogma mostly represented by the monotheistic religions. The richer the organized religion, the more powerful it is, and has the will and the means to wreak havoc and cause misery. The Catholic Church is exhibit A. It has a shining history of centuries of wholesale murder and it has not deviated one bit from that unholy crusade to this day. Its most celebrated foot-soldier — nay, general — in its war against decency and humanity was Mother Teresa. Christopher Hitchens called her (among other things) the Ghoul of Calcutta. I call her Teresa, the Merciless.

Here’s Hitchens (from one of his live debates):

“What’s motherly about her? Hideous virgin and fraud, and fanatic and fundamentalist, shriveled old bat. [She was] as far from the nature of motherhood as a woman could decently get. . . We have to have the fortitude to say… to those who are afflicted, to those who are poor, to those who really are suffering, we should say honestly that those who offer them false consolation are not their friends. Who doesn’t know by now that the cure for poverty is not charity in Calcutta. Who doesn’t know that? Why did we decide to forget what we learnt over the generations that charity is an insult to the poor and a way of prolonging poverty; that Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor, she was a friend of poverty. That there is only one cure for poverty, and that is, by the way, the liberation of women. And which works every time and against which all religions have set its face every time. And against which Mother Teresa has spent a lifetime campaigning, to ensure that misery and poverty and dirt and disease and ignorance would be continued so that there would be ever more people to testify to the Catholic faith.”

Hitchens is accurate in his description of Teresa being a fraud. It has recently been revealed that she did not believe in the tripe she was peddling pretty much all her life. She did not have faith in her god. This did not come as a surprise to me because I had concluded that she was a supremely shrewed, cunning, and intelligent person. The way she manipulated the press, the way she used the high-ranking politicians (and the way she allowed herself to be used by them in turn), the way she rubbed shoulders with convicted frauds as long as they enriched her order, the way she handed out indulgences to mass murderers — it all indicated that she was nobody’s fool and she could not have possibly believed in the simple-minded nonsense that the Catholic church expects its flock to believe.

But apparently she wanted to believe in that vile nonsense. And being unable to believe, she was a tortured soul. Perhaps there is some justice in the world after all: at least she suffered a bit. Not a whole lot compared to the suffering that she inflicted by her evil machinations but still suffered. There is no hell but perhaps she did inhabit a bit of hell on earth. Unfortunately though, it is possible that if she had not been so tortured by her lack of faith, perhaps she would have been a little less merciless in her actions. A good person does not even unintentionally harm innocent humans. The evil she represents is absolute because she knowingly increased suffering and pain.

If she had toiled in obscurity whatever her motivation, if she was just another misguided monkey trying to save fish, if she had been just one more missionary hell-bent on converting the heathens — I would not waste my breath on her. But she was celebrated by the powers of the Western world, and celebrated by the morons in the Indian press, awarded all kinds of honors by the stupid Indian government, and finally given a state funeral. The louder these powers speak about her holiness, the more the general population gets brainwashed into believing a falsehood. So I consider it my duty to expose the evil she embodied. I am laying out the evidence and voicing my opinion. To this end, the best spokesman I have found is Christopher Hitchens. May his tribe increase.

Here is part 1 (of 3) of one of Hitchens’ documentary on Teresa titled “Hell’s Angel”.

Here are Part 2, and Part 3.

Teresa was absolutely against abortion, and even just plain contraception. At the very least, if one opposes abortion, one should at least be absolutely for contraception. She was vile. And absolute opposition to abortions leads to murder. Don’t believe me? Read this report in the Guardian titled “Killer Law” on Nicaragua’s anti-abortion legislation. Not pretty, is it? Check your pulse if it does not make your blood boil.

I am sure that I will continue to write against Teresa. For now, let me close with a letter that a friend of mine forwarded to me. It is part of a letter-writing campaign addressed to those in charge of the international airport in Kolkata.

4 November 2007

The Director
NSCBI Airport Kolkata
Kolkata 700052

Dear Sir

As a lover of Kolkata and frequent visitor to your city I was shocked to see, just at the entrance to the check-in section of the international airport, a large portrait of Mother Teresa.

The late nun has caused and is causing IMMENSE harm to Kolkata’s reputation through the worst kind of negative publicity. Most people in the world believe that Kolkata is one mass of disgusting slums where nothing except the most dire poverty exists. This belief system cuts through national, religious and social boundaries.

Let me assure you that without the oppressive yoke of the Teresa myth Kolkata would have enjoyed many many more visitors. Also Kolkata’s business prospects have been irrepairably harmed by the Teresa association.

We, the undersigned, therefore, ardently request you to remove the portrait of Mother Teresa from such a vantage point. We do not have any religious issues about her, as we are drawn from many religions (and none). But we deeply care about Kolkata and its honour and dignity.

Yours faithfully
Dr Z K Kittler

Copy: Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Chief Minister, West Bengal

Kolkata, whatever its miseries, does not deserve the punishment that Teresa so mercilessly administered it. I do pity Kolkata but I also feel contempt for the ignorance of the people of Kolkata that they so shamelessly acquiesce to their own debasement.

Author: Atanu Dey


8 thoughts on “Hell’s Angel”

  1. of course it is because basic education is hardly the main draw for talent…

    of course because of LOSAD,S… and the conspicuous absence of public floggings…


  2. MT was a poverty pimping biyatch for you know who.

    Dont be surprised people that she got the play in calcutta, not the poorest place in india when compared to bihar, orissa and other parts which were and continue to be poorer.

    I would like to point out that there is certain aspect of indian culture which also respects tyagis sadhus and others commited to an analog of “vow of poverty”

    The catholicism of hindu culture(and I am going by the original definition of catholic.) has embraced a variety of such forms.
    and like it or not taking your chaddis off and running towards mountain is still respected by many for no good reason other than the next guy has done so, so do I.


  3. What a virulent post, Atanu!

    Just because someone opposes abortion you tag her as vile! Call her misguided, no problem, but vile? Where does this antagonism spring from.

    I was never a big fan of Mother Teresa but always had a great respect for her humanity. Would you have the courage to leave your country and serve the impoverished community of a foreign country? Note that Mother Teresa never claimed that she would get rid of poverty. That was the province of politicians like Indira Gandhi and such.
    Mother Teresa provided love, shelter and sustenance for hopelessly impoverished and diseased people. Sure she manipulated the media and people in power to get funds for her institution. She had to do it when she realised that a chritable organisation like the one she founded needed star power to rake in the big bucks. And she did what the governments of India and West Bengal should have done.
    The image of Calcutta. Do you seriously believe that the image of Calcutta would have been any better if she had never set foot in this city? The slums would still have been there and so would have the thousands of diseased, miserable, impoverished, homeless people that she gave shelter and hope to.

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  4. profsoumya, I suppose you are too busy to even read the evidence that researchers have amassed against Teresa and her tactics. Given your busy schedule, I guess you have taken the easy way out by parroting what the media and the Vatican misinformation agency has been feeding you all along.

    Well, I have provided some sources of information here; providing you with time and the comprehension of that information is beyond what I can do. Good luck.


  5. Profsoumya:

    Don’t you know anyone professing monotheism is necessarily evil by that very fact? Why are you bringing out extraneous factors such as her humanitarian work etc. into picture? Never mind if we left those people to die. If someone saves them for conversion, their mischief is unparallaled.

    Moreover, it should be obvious to you that the vast literature of documented evidence of her social work in indian media and books such as “city of joy”, kaka kalelkar’s and vinoba bhave’s works is a vatican propaganda. Only reliable sources in this regard are xenophobic pamphlets written by right wingers and selected passages from atheists but only when they are speaking against monotheism. You should base your research on these exclusive sources.


  6. ShastriJj
    You are too ignorant of history to say that all 3 judaic intellectually criminal framework can be considered same/similar as dharmic or otherwise (the ones labeled as animism/sinic/etc) traditions.
    Why the Chodna do they show the concept of one image of god(that too being in human form)
    and then say there isnt any other way.
    and lets not forget the sin of being born.
    MT was not brave but a crook as hitchens and many other prior to him have pointed out on taking money on the pretense of serving(?nable still) but using that to run the nunnery.
    PS who saved “them” for conversion?
    I ask this b/c you seem to have brought it up
    I could care less if some one wants to convert to anything your mischief is unparalleled in trying to link anti-conversion types to the issue of weather MT should be respected by the reasoning types


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